It's been a while since the last run of Daiichi Pan promotional cards, but heading into the new year Pokemon Card has teamed up with the pastry company to once again give consumers a bonus TCG card with their purchase of two special bread sets, as of the 1st of January 2015. Three of the five cards are direct reprints complete with their original numbers, being Pikachu, Fennekin, and Hawlucha, while two of the promos are brand new: Meowth and Inkay -- and they even have adorable shared-scene art.

The cards can be obtained one at a time through purchases of the Choco-Pan sweet bread two-pack, or the Ham Mayonnaise-Pan savoury bread two-pack, for 120円 + tax. Though it's known that the new cards are in the 100+ numbering of XY-P, their actual correct numbers are too hard to see at the moment.

DaiichiPan Promos
Meowth XY-P Translation Inkay XY-P Translation

Additionally, the Ancient Trait Regirock promo that was reported on last month has officially been added to the site in light of it's release tomorrow. Exciting!

16 December 2014 @ 06:42 pm
Set Name: ファントムゲート (Phantom Gate)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 97
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: Much like Rising Fist, Phantom Gate brings us another type-focused set, with the psychic type seeing a nice buff of sixteen cards and it’s own unique special energy. Being the trademark ‘Halloween’ set, you can bet that ghosts are the focal. Gengar is the focal Mega, with Manectric sidling on alongside it, bringing back memories of classic lightining/psychic mix decks from yesteryear. Additionally, Phantom Gate breaks out some new mechanics in two ways: Flare Gang Gear cards, and Spirit Link cards. Spirit Link cards were made to bypass the Mega evolution end-of-turn clause, which has added a speed boost to the game on top of a power creep, while the Flare cards mix things up by being pretty troll-tastic with what you can do to your opponent.

And yourself.

Aesthetically, the set is pretty amazing overall — the heavy saturation of colours brings to mind the Lost Link subset from Legend, as does the blood plasma cells in the background of cards that are depicted as part of the Dimensional Ravine stadium card. When the cards aren’t in that fantastical ravine, they’re depicted in areas along Kalos such as the Route 9 Power Plant badlands. Big art favourites of mine are Talonflame, Lumineon (our first since DPt era), Joltik — whom is busy trying to zap the aquarium, and Girafarig. I also really like all of the EX cards in this set — they’re just dynamic and fun overall, and I think that the actual roundup of Pokemon represented in the EX cards is awesome.

I had three boxes of this set, and pulled my very first XY-era Ultra Rare! I was super stoked with that. Overall I had a really great run with boxes for this, and though I have a lot of SR filling to do at the time of writing, the fact I have both UR cards is a great start to infilling.

• This set was released in Japan on the 13th of September 2014.
• There was one corresponding deck released with this set, the Hyper Metal Chain Deck DialgaEX+AegislashEX.
• There was also promotional shiny M GengarEX promo released as part of a Pokemon Centre promotion, which could be obtained through purchasing 2,000円 worth of XY TCG goods.
• This set was released as Phantom Forces in English.

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Last Updated: 16/12/14
It seems that a recent unnumbered promotional card has slipped by everyones radars lately, until TCG artist Naoki Saito posted a photo up on her twitter feed with her copy of the just-released Pokemon Illustration Collection, complete with a gifted set of all her recent XY print cards featuring her art and a mystery Pikachu promo.

Turns out that promo also was just added to the official card database. Apparently this Pikachu is given out to children during POKEMON with YOU wagon visits, and possibly has been given away as early as July of this year, though it seems to have never been advertised. The card features all the Pokemon Center Tohoku mascots playing in front of the wagon, and is quite gorgeous.

You can check it out below!

11 December 2014 @ 02:41 pm

As expected, early leaks of Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm have started to appear on Yahoo!Japan Auctions, revealing all sorts of amazing cards, and an interesting tweak to the super and ultra rare mechanics that will make collectors and players much happier. A lot of gorgeous artwork throughout, and a terrifying number of special prints to make collectors cry.

For a start, the two biggest points to bring up right now with the leaks is that:

• Mega/Primal Pokemon now have full-art prints, instead of gold alternate prints.
• Goods cards have returned as Ultra Rares.

With that, the SR-UR lists for both sets are... intense. All SR-UR cards are now known, there are 10 in each set. All up though there are 24 EX prints across this set box with 12 in each set. It's a MONSTER.

Edit: More Ancient Trait cards! So many more! Adding images and translations as I get to them.

Gaia Volcano's SR-UR Cards:
TrevenantEX (071/070), CameruptEX (072/070), GroudonEX (073/070), P GroudonEX (074/070), AggronEX (075/070), M AggronEX (076/070)
Maxie's Secrets (077/070), Teammates (078/070), Weakness Policy (079/070), Switch (080/070)

Gaia Volcano's Ancient Trait Cards:
Sceptile, Torchic, Magcargo, Electrike, Nidoqueen, Medicahm, Rhyperior, Excadrill, and Bunnelby

Tidal Storm's SR-UR Cards:
WailordEX (071/070), KyogreEX (072/070), P KyogreEX (073/070), SharpedoEX (074/070), GardevoirEX (075/070), M GardevoirEX (076/070)
Archie's Trump Card (077/070), Professor Birch's Observations (078/070), Enhanced Hammer (079/070), Dive Ball (080/070)

Tidal Storm's Ancient Trait Cards:
Swampert, Ludicolo, Gorebyss, Eelektrik, Tentacool, Whiscash, Kingdra, Azumarill, and Bidoof

Currently translating what cards we've got! Stay tuned.

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08 December 2014 @ 09:06 pm
Edit: The sell sheet has been uploaded! Updated with new details.

Japanese trading card shop Nanahachiya Akihabara posted info on their twitter feed tonight about the next card set slated for the March block, before we've even gotten the release of XY5. XY6's set is reported to be called Emerald Break, and will be released on the 14th of March 2015. Following on from Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm, Emerald Break will feature RayquazaEX and M RayquazaEX as the focal Pokemon, completing the Hoenn weather trio. The set will have 78 cards before secret rares.

In addition to Emerald Break, a new Battle Deck Mega RayquazaEX will also be released on the 14th of March alongside the set. It'll have 60 cards, with what looks like 3 RayquazaEX and a M RayquazaEX in addition to one more special holo, for 1,556円. It looks quite similar to the XY2 Charizard deck, which matches well with the fact this set will be a major focal for the Rayquaza Mega Battle in April.

You can check out the preliminary images from the sell sheets below.



The XY5 Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm CM aired this morning during Pokemon Get TV, revealing a large number of Ancient Trait cards that are due to come out with the sets in the next two weeks. Sana over on Twitter reported that we could see Electrike (Ω Barrier), Bunnelby (Ω Barrage), and Medicham (Ω Barrage) for Gaia Volcano, along with Tentacool (Unknown ɑ Trait), and Gorebyss (ɑ Growth) for Tidal Storm.

At the moment we've only got a shot of Tentacool, with some really awesome looking art. It only knows Psyshot for 20 damage and 2 energy cost, which means not all Omega and Alpha Ancient Trait cards are going to be overpowered like some of the others have seemed to be in the previous reveals.

Edit: Electrike, Bunnelby, & Gorebyss images added, once again thanks to Sana!
Edit 2: Medicham & Azumarill images added, thanks to Chari!
Edit 3 [01/12/14]: HD CM uploaded.

(Click for larger)

(Click for larger)

(Click for larger)

A clear CM was uploaded -- the cards are still too small to translate, unfortunately, which means that Ancient Trait Tentacool's alpha ability is still unknown, but it's still nice to see them. The CM and likely the cards themselves may make an official appearance on the site in the next week, but until the set leaks happen we might be all stuck waiting to translate these new gorgeous cards.

The HD CM however did show that Chinchou is in Tidal Storm, and Rhyhorn and Nidoran♀ are in Gaia Volcano. Which is nice to know, given some very interesting leaks that occurred earlier today with the English Primal Clash release confirming Ancient Trait Nidoqueen along with two new EX cards.

The latest issue of CoroCoro Ichiban has revealed an up-coming promo card that will be due out with the February issue on December 21st this year. The card in question is an Ancient Trait Regirock, which means we might be seeing a matching Registeel and Regice in due time as well. Nothing much else is known about it at present, but the card in question along with a partial translation can be seen below. The text is too small in some parts to make out.

Much like the Talonflame promo released in the February issue of Ichiban last year in celebration of Collection X and Collection Y, this Regirock may also be a reprint from it's respective XY5 set Gaia Volcano with a CoroCoro Ichiban stamp on the bottom, but until further set spoilers happen this is not yet confirmed.

Edit: Clearer images have made a full translation possible. This Regirock comes in at 104/XY-P and has the CoroCoro Ichiban stamp on the bottom left of the card.

Set Name: スーパーレジェンドセット60 ゼルネアスEX・イベルタルEX (Super Legend Set: XerneasEX & YveltalEX)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 23
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: The Super Legend Set was something that was announced quite early in the year to stockists online in Japan, but had an extremely late release. It’s a reprint deck that has a focus on Xerneas and Yveltal, featuring not only a reprint of the special SR EX cards from XY1, but alternate art for the same EX cards. Despite this deck consisting of mostly reprints, there are at least three brand new cards in the form of Pancham, Pangoro, and Swirlix, just to mix things up. It’s nice to finally have Japanese prints of the previously exclusive English EX tin promos of Yveltal and Xerneas as well, and sort of acts as a nice swan-song to the Kalos-centric decks and sets in the lead up to the Hoenn-centric sets and decks starting from December of 2014.

It's not bad for a reprint deck -- not entirely exciting, but still a nice collection piece to have I feel. A lot of the value comes in the form of the premium damage markers and the sleeves for players, which have gorgeous artwork.

• This deck was released in Japan on the 14th of November 2014.
• The package art for the set was illustrated by TOKIYA and was included on a poster, playmat, sleeves, and deck box in the set.

Scans: Super Legend Set XerneasEX & YveltalEXCollapse )

Last Updated: 20/11/14 Set Complete
The official site updated today for the release of the Super Legend Set which was revealed early just yesterday thanks to Japanese fans, and in addition to adding the Super Legend Set cards into the database, a slew of new information has been revealed for the XY5 set block of Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm for December. Even more exciting is the reveal of new Ancient Trait Pokemon cards, the Shiny M Metagross EX pack, and a huge amount of promos, so lets get to it!

XY5 Gaia Volcano & Tidal Storm:
First off, Primal GroudonEX (GV:040/070) and Primal KyogreEX (TS:031/070) have been showcased! The Primal cards are a variant of the mega cards with a special new ability: Ancient Traits. Ancient Traits come in the form of Omega Barrier and Alpha Growth, which change up gameplay by allowing more energy attachment or blocking out trainer cards. Additionally, the attack name on the card art features a unique gradient as opposed to the fixed red-to-yellow that has been used on all other Mega cards previously, and the evolution box as well as the top of the card seem to have rock encrusting them making it seem like they've been excavated. You can check out these two colossal titans below, complete with translations.

Primal Groudon-EX Translation

Primal Kyogre-EX Translation

In addition to the new Primal Mega cards, special Ancient Trait cards will be making their way into XY5. These cards have artwork that extend out into the card text body, almost like a full-art card except that these don't extend out that far, and are holo. The Ancient Trait cards revealed for the set so far are Sceptile (GV:006/070) and Swampert (TS:015/070). Both are rare, meaning their pull rate might not be dissimilar to a standard holo, but until the set is released it's unconfirmed. It's also not yet known if more Ancient Trait Pokemon will appear in the set asides from these two.

They offer an alternate evolution and as stated above, unlike the other final starter cards revealed when XY5 was officially announced, have the special Ancient Trait mechanic that exist on the Primal Mega EX cards. Sceptile, being part of Gaia Volcano, has Omega Barrier and is even depicted with an energy-like barrier in the card artwork, while Tidal Storm's Swampert has Alpha Growth.

Translations and images of the new cards can be seen below. I rather like the appearance and design of these Ancient Trait cards, they're a unique and new mechanic that shakes things up in the XY format play-wise, and for collectors they're a gorgeous collection piece.

Omega Sceptile Translation
Alpha Swampert Translation

The last new card revealed was the Acro Bike from Gaia Volcano. The tiny preview of it makes it's number hard to distinguish, as well as the text body, but it's described as being a companion card that works with Swampert's Diving Search.

Acro Bike

Special Pack Silver M MetagrossEX:
The Special Pack Silver M MetagrossEX that was announced all the way back when we first found out about XY5 has been officially posted on the site, not only showcasing the gorgeous shiny EX cards within, but giving us a proper look at the Torchic promo being bundled in with it -- and it's an Ancient Trait card! MetagrossEX comes in at 101/XY-P, M MetagrossEX is 102/XY-P, and Torchic is 103/XY-P. You can check out the three cards below.

Metagross-EX Translation

M-Metagross-EX Translation

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 4.35.23 pm

Promo Roundup!
I hope you all like Pikachu, because Pikachu promos are the name of the game this December. Uniqlo starts us off with a clothing x TCG campaign similar to their BW-P one, only this time all the cards are Warm Pikachu promos. The Warm Pikachu cards are numbered 094-097/XY-P, and all have the same HP and attacks. They can be acquired one at a time by purchasing one of six select design shirts at 990円 + tax this December at participating Uniqlo stores.

With Pokemon Centre Hamamatsuchou moving to Ikebukuro and becoming the Mega Pokemon Centre, a special commemorative Pikachu card is being given away at the centre as part of their opening. Called Mega Tokyo's Pikachu this card comes in at 098/XY-P and features the adorable new mascot for the store of Pikachu wearing a Mega Charizard Y cape.

Mega Tokyo's Pikachu

And finally, the Toys'R'Us Pikachu jumbo that was reported on yesterday is already being distributed with the release of the Super Legend Set, as many TCG players have gotten their hands on them. A clear shot of it complete with translation can be seen below. Being a jumbo it's an unnumbered addition to the 2014 XY-P Promotional Cards roster, and the artwork is utterly adorable -- featuring not just Pikachu, but Torchic, Treecko, and Mudkip as well all playing with Christmas presents!

TRU-Pikachu-JumboPikachu Jumbo Translation

As usual I will endeavour to bring news as it comes! The closer we get to the release of ORAS, the closer the release of XY5 becomes, which means set spoilers will come in abundance in just a few weeks time.

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