The official website today updated with news about the upcoming Battle Festa for the autumn season, including prize cards that will be handed out at the tournament. A lot of unnumbered and a few numbered cards are debuting!

As a reminder to non-JP players, Battle Festa is the equivalent of Cities in the English TCG tournament lineup, complete with their equivalent of League (in this case Pokemon Gym) having special events inside the whole festa. This autumn Battle Festa will begin on the 26th of October in Shizuoka (Hamamatsu Exhibition Hall), then run from the 1st-2nd of November in Tokyo (Sunshine City's Bunkan Kaikan Exhibition Hall), 9th of November in Kumamoto (Kaikan Exhibition Hall), 16th of November in Osaka (Intex Osaka), and end on the 24th of November in Miyagi (Yumemese Miyagi Exhibition Hall).

Now, on to prizes. In the numbered category of promos: there is a full-art print of Pikachu that has other Pokemon like Mega Gengar and Mega Lucario from the Battle Festa logo in the background. This promo will be given away to all participants at the Battle Festa so long as supplies last and is promo 090/XY-P. Alongside the gorgeous Pikachu is a Japanese print of the XY promo Sylveon that was released in English last year. This Sylveon comes in at 091/XY-P and will be given to players who earn up to 7 play points during the Festa.

As for unnumbered promos, three come at us in the form of a holo reprint of Robo Substitute from XY4, AbsolEX and M AbsolEX. The Robo Substitute is given to participants of the Pokemon Gym entry point battles at the Festa, while the Absol cards will be given away as a set to players who earn 12 play points during the Festa. Both of these new EX cards look amazing, and it's about time we saw them in the TCG given Mega Absol was geared up to be such a big thing in the July summer movie this year -- it was disappointing that it didn't make it into XY3! We've got it now, though.

You can check out images and translations (of the new cards) below!

Robo Substitute Sylveon 7 Point Promo

13 September 2014 @ 01:30 pm
Happy Phantom Gate release day! My boxes will arrive at the start of next week for sure, so look out for photos and videos of the pulls when that happens. With the release of the latest XY set in Japan, the official Pokemon-Card website has updated with the set and deck, and additionally announced that the Pokemon Gym program would be holding an Autumn Battle in conjunction with CoroCoro Ichiban, along with the participation presents for the October-November season of Gym Challenge.

The October-November present is a new Promotional Card Pack, with GalladeEX featured as the forerunner card. Like other packs, such as the KrookodileEX one, this will likely be one of up to twelve new promos released in the pack. Kind of a neat tie-in given that Mega Gallade was just officially announced for ORAS today as well, I think. The text for the attack bodies is too small to make out right now, unfortunately, but what could be made out is translated below.



It's that time again. Leaks for the new Pokemon Card set are starting to appear across Twitter and Yahoo Japan, which means we all get to enjoy the wonders of what XY4 Phantom Gate holds for us just that little bit earlier! The set officially hits the shelves on Saturday, and my own boxes will likely arrive Tuesday, so expect clear photos of the cards in an up-coming ゲットだぜ post, along with the first CollectorViper pack opening hosted on YouTube.

This post will continuously be updated as new images and information comes in!
The set has a grand total of cards 97 all up at present with all SR/UR cards accounted for!

Some of the brand new Team Flare Gear trainers include things such as Robo Substitute and Lysandre's Last Resort, in addition to awesome holos such as Gourgeist and Pyroar. You can check out all of these cards below.

The EX cards for the set are:
ManectricEX (023/088), GengarEX (033/088), MalamarEX (057/088), and FlorgesEX (060/088)

The M-EX cards for the set are:
M ManectricEX (024/088), M GengarEX (034/088)

The Full Art SR cards for the set are:
ManectricEX (089/088), GengarEX (090/088), MalamarEX (091/088), FlorgesEX (092/088), AZ (093/088), Xerosic (094/088), and Lysandre's Last Resort (095/088)

The UR cards for the set are:
M ManectricEX (096/088), M GengarEX (097/088)

Edit 14:33hrs AEST: Bulk of the set uploaded! Just missing FlorgesEX, normal MalamarEX, Feraligatr, Gigalith, Mightyena, and some trainers.
Edit 14:43hrs AEST: Super Rare alert! Lysandre's Last Resort, Xerosic, and AZ confirmed! UR Manectric has also surfaced.
Edit 19:24hrs AEST: All cards known, almost all uploaded. Slowly replacing bad images with better quality ones!

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Many thanks to Tamaki, tomhobby, ks20111004, and つばめ. 皆さん、分けてくれてありがとうございます!
A new product has been added to online stores with the first hint of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire celebration in the TCG. The product is called the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Launch Special Pack M DiancieEX, and though it's in celebration of ORAS it should be noted that this is still being sold under the Pokemon Card Game XY flag. This means an era change, if one happens, will not likely being seen until next year.

The pack will cost 500円 plus tax, and will include a promo DiancieEX and M DiancieEX in addition to three booster packs from the latest three XY era releases. It'll be in stores on the 21st of November, the same day as the worldwide release of the games. You can check out the sell sheet for the product below, complete with the hilarious Mega EX template text.

DiancieEX Special Pack
(Click for larger)
31 August 2014 @ 11:14 pm
While Pokemon GetTV was on this morning in Japan, the CM for XY4 Phantom Gate aired during one of the commercial breaks. While the majority of what cards were shown and reported were cards we'd already seen, there were also rumblings across the JP Twitter sphere that Loudred, Helioptile, Purrloin, Fletchling, and another stadium card had been shown as well.

The big star of the CM though for everyone was a shiny new holo Hydreigon! Twitter was buzzing all day about it, as was 2ch, and between their transcriptions and a single photo that's been posted I've provided a rough translation below -- many thanks to users like Endeavor for their keen eyes, and Syuu EX for the photo! You can check out the text and the card itself below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.12.06 pm
30 August 2014 @ 02:58 pm
Eagle-eyed visitors to the Pokemon Centres across Japan today have seen posters go up for XY4 Phantom Gate, revealing not just one but three new cards from the set. The first card is Chandelure, confirming that we're seeing Litwick and Lampent as part of our ghostly lineup as well, but we also have now got a good look at the majestic M ManectricEX, and the mysterious Team Flare related trainer.

Chandelure is holo and features similar rainbow blood cell thematic in the background as the Gengar family cards, has 130HP, and knows the ability Fainting Spell and the attack Cursed Drop. Meanwhile, M ManectricEX comes in at a stellar 210HP with a signature move of Turbo Bolt. The special holo Team Flare trainer we had a small glimpse of when XY4 was first officially announced is called Head Noiser, a special Team Flare hyper gear item that is equipped to a Pokemon as a 'Pokemon Tool F'.

It's not yet known if there are other special Team Flare cards in the set, but from the looks of things they're really starting to shake things up with the TCG thanks to the introduction of these and the Spirit Link card reported on earlier. You can check out all the cards below, with special thanks to Takamori and Chari LVX for posting about them on twitter!

manectric chandelure headnoiser
Click for larger images

It's very exciting to see all of these popping up! Phantom Gate will be upon us soon, and spoilers for the set will likely surface in the next two weeks. What other ghostly Pokemon would you like to see? Let me know in the comments or on the CV Twitter!
Pokemon-Card officially updated today, acknowledging the previously announced Spirit Link Gengar promo that was shown in V-Jump last week along with giving us a proper release date for that promo of the 20th of September, in addition to announcing a special holo Wobbufett coming out the same day in CoroCoro Ichiban.

Alongside those announcements, Pokemon-Card have announced a Famitsu Navigation Book collaboration much like the Rising Fist CoroCoro Ichiban one they released a few months prior. This book, called the 'Pokemon Card Game XY Famitsu Navi Book Hyper Metal Chain Deck DialgaEX+AegislashEX Battle Festa Version', focuses primarily on the aforementioned Hyper Metal Chain deck being released along Phantom Gate and will be released on the 13th of September to compliment Phantom Gate as well.

This Famitsu Navigation Book comes with the Hyper Metal Chain deck itself -- which we now know has Bronzor -- in addition to a reprint of the CoroCoro promo Dedenne, damage counters, play guide, and a special playmat. You can check the book out below:


The biggest excitement in the TCG world today comes from a special announcement made on the main site. A special 'White Gengar Campaign' is being held from the 13th of September until the 14th of October, and in addition to a Shiny Gengar being given away over XY on wireless and special figures and plush of the shiny Mega being sold, there will be a special shiny M GengarEX promo! The promo can be obtained at any Pokemon Centre when spending 1,500円 on TCG goods, comes in at 079/XY-P, and knows the move Hollow Geist which deals a whopping 120 damage. You can check out the gorgeous card below!


How excited are you for this gorgeous promo? Are you hoping to see an Ultra Rare print of it in Phantom Gate? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!

Set Name: ランダム構築スターターフシギバナ草, リザードン炎, カメックス水 (Random Construction Starter: VenusaurGrass, CharizardFire, and BlastoiseWater)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 52
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: Oh man, where to start with this subset. This Random Construction Starter subset is made up of three major decks: VenusaurGrass, CharizardFire, and BlastoiseWater. These three major decks had Venusaur ex, Charizard ex, and Blastoise ex along with their evolutionary families as major focuses, in addition to a selection of six different evolutionary families, a combination of seven trainer cards, and a helping of energies for a total of 30 cards a piece in each deck. This creates a bit of a conundrum in itself for collecting, as the only thing solidly guaranteed in each deck was the starter evolutionary line itself.

The rest of the evolutionary families were kind of a free for all, with only certain pairs of them appearing in the various decks, and broken evolutionary lines like Pidgey would later be completed in Flight of Legends. Kind of a pain for collectors, but hey.

The other neat thing about these decks of course is the fact they feature some of the most famous PCG-era ex cards in existence, especially Charizard ex which became extremely coveted in both Japanese and English. Unlike the Japanese release though, the English prints of the ex cards don't have the gorgeous glossy coating that the Japanese ones do, giving their original release that little bit more finesse and beauty I think. Some cards in this subset such as Cloyster also got holo prints in the PCG set, something else not carried over to the English release.

At the time of writing I'm only 7 cards away from finishing this subset. It's been a bit of an uphill climb to find some, but with the help of many great friends I've traded and bought missing pieces to have what I've got so-far. I know that in time I'll be able to fill those last gaps!

● These decks were released in Japan on the 19th of March 2004.
● This subset was a prelude to Flight of Legends.
● Buying the three decks did not guarantee a full subset.
● This subset was released as part of EX FireRed LeafGreen in English along with Flight of Legends.

Grass, CharizardFire, and BlastoiseWater">Scans: Random Construction Starter VenusaurGrass, CharizardFire, and BlastoiseWaterCollapse )

Last Updated: 23/08/14
Hot off the heels of the official site update, images have surfaced thanks to eagle-eyed Japanese TCG players from the recent issue of V-Jump showcasing a special XY4-oriented promo card due to come out in the November issue. The card, titled Gengar Soul Link, is a special Pokemon Tool goods card that is completely holo thanks to the shattered glass gloss overcoat. It's completely geared to boosting M GengarEX, as well!

Gengar Soul Link comes in at 055/XY-P, finally closing off a long standing gap. It's not yet known if a non-promo version of this card will be in XY4, or if a general Soul Link card not directly linked to Gengar will be released. You can check it out below: