In the wake of the CoroCoro official street release, the official Pokemon-Card website has updated in Japan with the cards from XY5 revealed in addition to a handful more, as well as the official reveal of the Super Legend Set (with nothing truly new asides from showcasing the artwork for the coin, sleeves, deck case, and play mat) and the M DiancieEX Blister.

It's a big update, that's for sure! XY5's official splash image tells us that this is an "Event Release! The Power of Omega and Alpha!" in relation to the set being the game-based tie-in for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Without further ado lets dive into the plethora of information revealed!


To start things off, the XY5 official announcement showcases not just the cards that were in CoroCoro, but a handful more even if only small. GroudonEX (GV:039/070) and KyogreEX (TS:031/070) are the main show-stoppers right now, and it is confirmed that their Mega evolution cards, something so far only revealed in the English TCG side of things, will be coming into play with the sets. Alongside those two, Sceptile, Blaziken, and Swampert were all revealed with their pre-evolutions. The Sceptile and Blaziken lines will be in Gaia Volcano, while the Swampert line will be exclusive to Tidal Storm.

The type split that was discussed in CoroCoro was also showcased on the official reveal, and like the focal Pokemon of the sets: Gaia Volcano is based around 'Land' dwelling Pokemon with Fire, Fighting, and Steel types set to appear, and Tidal Storm is based around 'Sea' dwelling Pokemon with Water, Dark, and Fairy types set to appear. Honedge and Meditite are in Gaia Volcano, while Crawdaunt and Maril are in Tidal Storm. At present the numbers for the cards are illegible.

Groudon-EX Kyogre-EX
(Translations provided in this news story here!)




Meditite Honedge
Crawdaunt Marill

The M DiancieEX Blister promo cards can be seen below. As a reminder the blister comes with three booster packs and will only cost 500円 + tax, making these very affordable promos. As we knew prior when the product was announced, DiancieEX and M DiancieEX are both promo cards, and it looks like DiancieEX is coming in at 092/XY-P, and M DiancieEX coming in at 093/XY-P.


Still no official word on the shiny MetagrossEX and M MetagrossEX set, but hopefully in the coming weeks they too will surface! I'll keep my eyes peeled.

14 October 2014 @ 03:15 pm
While the Super Legend Set was announced what feels like eons ago in July, it's release is fast upon us as October rapidly disappears. In addition to the December XY set block being previewed in CoroCoro, there was also a small preview of the Super Legend Set which gives a solid confirmation for what the XerneasEX and YveltalEX prints are going to be in the set.

The prints are Japanese issues of the formerly english-exclusive Spring 2014 tins from March this year, and will also come with reprints of the full-art cards from XY1 as part of the set, which explains why there were two EX cards advertised on the sell sheet prototype image for the set. No other cards have been revealed, though with the official site set to update with both XY5 and this set on Friday we might get more of a glimpse soon enough.

You can check it out below!

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.39.12 pm

Subaru Stars
In the wake of all the exciting new CoroCoro leaks for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, XY5's Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm have both made a premier appearance and showcased both KyogreEX and GroudonEX. According to the magazine as well, both sets will have very specific type focuses, and it appears that only certain types will be in certain sets.

Gaia Volcano is set to feature Fire, Fighting, and Steel types exclusively, while Tidal Storm is set to feature Water, Darkness, and Fairy types exclusively, creating a major dichotomy between the set typings and almost pitting them against one another given type weaknesses and resistances that is reminiscent of Groudon and Kyogre's own clash.

At the time this was posted no images had surfaced yet of the early leak, but are starting to appear now. It's also known that Blaziken and Sceptile will be in Gaia Volcano and Swampert in Tidal Storm! KyogreEX comes in at 031/070 for Tidal Storm, and GroudonEX comes in at 039/070 in Gaia Volcano. Thanks to twitter user Subaru Stars we've now got images of the cards.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 2.38.40 pm Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 7.09.23 pm

GroudonEX GroudonEX Translation

Subaru Stars
Online suppliers have new sellsheets up for the December block of TCG in Japan. The first big announcement is that we will be seeing XY5 arrive on the 13th of December, and is a set block featuring two Hoenn-focals: Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm. Both sets will have 70 cards, excluding secret rares and ultra rares. It's nice to see that the XY era is continuing rather than having a schism off into ORAS with it's own designation.

The sets will likely feature Primal GroudonEX and Primal KyogreEX, given their earlier reveal in English, which are variant forms of Mega evolution cards. You can check out the pre-release image of the packs below!

Click for larger

In addition to the set block, Special Pack Silver M MetagrossEX was announced. Released on the same day, this blister pack will feature 3x Gaia Volcano packs, 3x Tidal Storm packs, and three special promo cards in the form of MetagrossEX, M MetagrossEX, and Torchic. The blister will cost 1,000円 + tax. MetagrossEX and M MetagrossEX are both shiny, to tie in with the Shiny Beldum present that is being given away in the ORAS games.

Click for larger

Similarly to when Collection X and Collection Y were released, a Primal Groudon & Kyogre Energy Box is being released as well on the 13th. The box will contain 45 energy cards, 5 as of yet undetermined promo cards (the prototype image showcases the same 5 XY trainer promos that were in the Xerneas & Yveltal Box), and doubles as a storage box complete with special dividers. The box will cost only 500円 + tax.

Click for larger

Finally, there will also be sleeves and deck boxes released with Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. The prototype images of them only feature Sugimori art right now. Sleeves will cost only 380円 for a pack of 32, and boxes also 380円.
The official website today updated with news about the upcoming Battle Festa for the autumn season, including prize cards that will be handed out at the tournament. A lot of unnumbered and a few numbered cards are debuting!

As a reminder to non-JP players, Battle Festa is the equivalent of Cities in the English TCG tournament lineup, complete with their equivalent of League (in this case Pokemon Gym) having special events inside the whole festa. This autumn Battle Festa will begin on the 26th of October in Shizuoka (Hamamatsu Exhibition Hall), then run from the 1st-2nd of November in Tokyo (Sunshine City's Bunkan Kaikan Exhibition Hall), 9th of November in Kumamoto (Kaikan Exhibition Hall), 16th of November in Osaka (Intex Osaka), and end on the 24th of November in Miyagi (Yumemese Miyagi Exhibition Hall).

Now, on to prizes. In the numbered category of promos: there is a full-art print of Pikachu that has other Pokemon like Mega Gengar and Mega Lucario from the Battle Festa logo in the background. This promo will be given away to all participants at the Battle Festa so long as supplies last and is promo 090/XY-P. Alongside the gorgeous Pikachu is a Japanese print of the XY promo Sylveon that was released in English last year. This Sylveon comes in at 091/XY-P and will be given to players who earn up to 7 play points during the Festa.

As for unnumbered promos, three come at us in the form of a holo reprint of Robo Substitute from XY4, AbsolEX and M AbsolEX. The Robo Substitute is given to participants of the Pokemon Gym entry point battles at the Festa, while the Absol cards will be given away as a set to players who earn 12 play points during the Festa. Both of these new EX cards look amazing, and it's about time we saw them in the TCG given Mega Absol was geared up to be such a big thing in the July summer movie this year -- it was disappointing that it didn't make it into XY3! We've got it now, though.

You can check out images and translations (of the new cards) below!

Robo Substitute Sylveon 7 Point Promo

13 September 2014 @ 01:30 pm
Happy Phantom Gate release day! My boxes will arrive at the start of next week for sure, so look out for photos and videos of the pulls when that happens. With the release of the latest XY set in Japan, the official Pokemon-Card website has updated with the set and deck, and additionally announced that the Pokemon Gym program would be holding an Autumn Battle in conjunction with CoroCoro Ichiban, along with the participation presents for the October-November season of Gym Challenge.

The October-November present is a new Promotional Card Pack, with GalladeEX featured as the forerunner card. Like other packs, such as the KrookodileEX one, this will likely be one of up to twelve new promos released in the pack. Kind of a neat tie-in given that Mega Gallade was just officially announced for ORAS today as well, I think. The text for the attack bodies is too small to make out right now, unfortunately, but what could be made out is translated below.



It's that time again. Leaks for the new Pokemon Card set are starting to appear across Twitter and Yahoo Japan, which means we all get to enjoy the wonders of what XY4 Phantom Gate holds for us just that little bit earlier! The set officially hits the shelves on Saturday, and my own boxes will likely arrive Tuesday, so expect clear photos of the cards in an up-coming ゲットだぜ post, along with the first CollectorViper pack opening hosted on YouTube.

This post will continuously be updated as new images and information comes in!
The set has a grand total of cards 97 all up at present with all SR/UR cards accounted for!

Some of the brand new Team Flare Gear trainers include things such as Robo Substitute and Lysandre's Last Resort, in addition to awesome holos such as Gourgeist and Pyroar. You can check out all of these cards below.

The EX cards for the set are:
ManectricEX (023/088), GengarEX (033/088), MalamarEX (057/088), and FlorgesEX (060/088)

The M-EX cards for the set are:
M ManectricEX (024/088), M GengarEX (034/088)

The Full Art SR cards for the set are:
ManectricEX (089/088), GengarEX (090/088), MalamarEX (091/088), FlorgesEX (092/088), AZ (093/088), Xerosic (094/088), and Lysandre's Last Resort (095/088)

The UR cards for the set are:
M ManectricEX (096/088), M GengarEX (097/088)

Edit 14:33hrs AEST: Bulk of the set uploaded! Just missing FlorgesEX, normal MalamarEX, Feraligatr, Gigalith, Mightyena, and some trainers.
Edit 14:43hrs AEST: Super Rare alert! Lysandre's Last Resort, Xerosic, and AZ confirmed! UR Manectric has also surfaced.
Edit 19:24hrs AEST: All cards known, almost all uploaded. Slowly replacing bad images with better quality ones!

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Many thanks to Tamaki, tomhobby, ks20111004, and つばめ. 皆さん、分けてくれてありがとうございます!
A new product has been added to online stores with the first hint of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire celebration in the TCG. The product is called the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Launch Special Pack M DiancieEX, and though it's in celebration of ORAS it should be noted that this is still being sold under the Pokemon Card Game XY flag. This means an era change, if one happens, will not likely being seen until next year.

The pack will cost 500円 plus tax, and will include a promo DiancieEX and M DiancieEX in addition to three booster packs from the latest three XY era releases. It'll be in stores on the 21st of November, the same day as the worldwide release of the games. You can check out the sell sheet for the product below, complete with the hilarious Mega EX template text.

DiancieEX Special Pack
(Click for larger)
31 August 2014 @ 11:14 pm
While Pokemon GetTV was on this morning in Japan, the CM for XY4 Phantom Gate aired during one of the commercial breaks. While the majority of what cards were shown and reported were cards we'd already seen, there were also rumblings across the JP Twitter sphere that Loudred, Helioptile, Purrloin, Fletchling, and another stadium card had been shown as well.

The big star of the CM though for everyone was a shiny new holo Hydreigon! Twitter was buzzing all day about it, as was 2ch, and between their transcriptions and a single photo that's been posted I've provided a rough translation below -- many thanks to users like Endeavor for their keen eyes, and Syuu EX for the photo! You can check out the text and the card itself below.

Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 11.12.06 pm