04 February 2014 @ 02:46 pm
Special: ゲットだぜ!Decks and Gifts From Afar  

It's been a while since my last Getto Daze post, and while this one is small, it's still full of things I'm very ecstatic over! Two new decks, and a total surprise package that was full of sweet treasures galore. Two of the major things I got in this I hope to scan sooner rather than later, too, but until now I've got photos up at least.

Dive in below the cut to take a look!

First up in my recent haul: the brand new Xerneas and Yveltal half decks. I was a bit too ill and otherwise occupied yesterday to open them when they arrived, so today was the day.

Xerneas' whole deck is fairy-type, and it's pretty damn awesome for it (so much pink!) -- included in each deck is a special booster pack which has six cards instead of the usual five, with the sixth card being a promo that can only be obtained through the deck.

I'm very, very biased, but these three cards were the ones I was most excited for when the deck lists got released.

Yveltal deck -- like the Xerneas deck it's a single type focus, in this case dark, and also comes with a special deck-exclusive booster with promo card inserted.

And I had some extremely good luck in my pack. As far as I can tell the main contents are all randomised save for the promo -- a Japanese follower of mine also pulled a YveltalEX SR card but the rest of their pack was totally different!

The two promos in question. Pancham and Clefairy.

Secondly: I got a wonderful surprise package from Nate, fellow card lover and conspirator from Bulbapedia, with a hoard of gap filling promos and sweet birdy cards! This was such a wonderful thing to get in the mail~!

Gap filling came in across the board from 2003-2007. Turtwig had eluded me for a while even though I had it's other partners in crime from that meiji set, and the other three are PCG-P strays that I was missing. Super bonus points for two of them being Combustken with Mitsuhiro Arita artwork!

I also got sent these little darlings; two of my favourite birds in reverse holo! I don't collect English cards anymore so I didn't have these dears!

And to add even more cherries to the top: holo versions of EBB cards which were non-holo in the Japanese release. Also featuring more birds. Gee I wonder if I'm perhaps biased to a certain kind of Pokemon... ;) I can't thank Nate enough for this really sweet parcel, and I'm just touched in general that he thought of me, let alone bundled all these up and sent them my way.

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pokemontraderpokemontrader on February 4th, 2014 06:03 am (UTC)
So what are those promos? I'm a smidge confused regarding them Callie. They come in a booster pack?
Khalida: Sailor Moon: Cheeky Jupiterfaiarrow on February 4th, 2014 06:08 am (UTC)
Those promos are 014 and 015 XY-P, and the only way to get them is in the special booster pack that comes with the deck :) So the booster pack is still a 5-card booster pack, but it's got the promo in the back as a special 6th card!
pokemontraderpokemontrader on February 4th, 2014 06:21 am (UTC)
Darn! Didn't order those decks! Thanks!
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