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05 February 2014 @ 12:30 am
Scans: プロモーションカード 2013 [Japanese]  
Set Name: Promotional Cards 2013
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 81 (28 of which are Uncatalogued)
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: What a promo year. While 2013's promos don't clock in with a terribly large number of cards compared to prior BW-P majority promo years, it has quite a number of interesting and unique additions to the year beyond the usual Gym Challenge pack chunks that plagued many of the earlier BW-P promo years. 2013 also sees the official end of BW-P and the transition to XY-P -- and a pretty full on transition it is with good smattering of promos for the new era as a starting foundation.

The sole Gym Challenge pack that graces this year's promos is only six cards all up instead of the 10-12 sized blocks from 2012, and there are only two energy promo runs thank goodness. The rest of this year is mostly campaign promos such as the February Daiichi Pan promos that start the year off, and a number of movie commemorative promos -- lots of Genesect all over the place. Then XY jumps right on in with PCG Classroom promos, CoroCoro campaign cards, and Battle Festa prizes. I rather like 2013 for this reason -- 2011 is awkwardly large, 2012 is similar and both are too chock-full of Gym Challenge fodder and energies, whereas there just seems to be a bit more variety in this year.

There are also only a tiny, tiny amount of jumbos. Praise the gods.

Missing a few clusters here and there, but will probably finish off the numbered run fairly soon since it's not entirely a difficult run to close off. The unnumbered? Not so much.

• This is probably the weakest year for movie-related promotional cards, thanks to EX Battle Boost's reprint nature for a start and the fact that there was only one true movie commemoration pack released. That said, Genesect did appear at least four times and two of them were technically featured with shiny artwork due to the red Genesect being a focal movie star.
• The very first XY-P promo card was Team Flare Grunt, which was released while BW-P was still going as a pre-game release promo card handed out during the Mystery Card Battle of the Pokemon Game Show.
• 2013 saw the return of the Victory Ring promo. This is the first time the Victory Ring has been returned into trophy circulation since 2006, and the first time it's had three unique placings and therefore three different kinds of artwork like the Victory Medals and Cups.
• Honedge (012/XY-P) and Dedenne (013/XY-P) have two variants: one with the CoroCoro Start-Up Campaign stamp, the other with a Charizard Mega Battle stamp -- both issues have the same numbers.
• Clefairy (014/XY-P) and Pancham (015/XY-P) technically were released in the start of 2014, but are catalogued here due to the gap they would've otherwise left.


Jumbo Cards:

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pokemontraderpokemontrader on February 4th, 2014 05:44 pm (UTC)
How much does the Game Show Team Flare Grunt run?
Also regarding the Noibat, what's the story behind that promo?