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15 February 2014 @ 02:54 am
News: Wild Blaze sparks CharizardEX Mania!  
It finally happened. The BIG Pokemon-Card site update we've all been waiting for the past couple of days given the TCG news that was in CoroCoro when it leaked earlier this week. Wild Blaze and the M CharizardEX deck have both officially been announced on the PTCG website, and a heap of cards as well as promos have been revealed from it.

Starting off with Wild Blaze and M Charizard EX news, a whopping two CharizardEX cards and two M CharizardEX cards were revealed: CharizardEX (011/080) plus M CharizardEX (055/080) for Wild Blaze [XY2], and CharizardEX (001/021) plus M CharizardEX (002/021) for the M CharizardEX Deck [XYA]. When combined with the fact that there is also another CharizardEX promo (030/XY-P) being given away with CoroCoro as of tomorrow that's a lot of Charizard hype. XY2's Mega Charizard is from X which means it's a part of the dragon type in the set, while the deck's features Y's version.

Other cards revealed for XY2 were Flabébé*, Druddigon*, Goomy, Sliggoo, Sacred Ash, Protect Cube, Fire Torch, and Lysandre. Meanwhile the M CharizardEX deck also features a trained called Blacksmith. You can check out all these cards below.
*These two were revealed on the side of the Wild Blaze box shown for the Pokemon Gym Box Campaign, no full image available yet, sorry!

Additionally two new promo cards were shown: Goodra from the Pokemon Gym Box Campaign, and a mirror holo stamped print of Flame Torch being given away from March 15th with the purchase of any TCG goods relating to XY2 or the Charizard Mega Battle worth over 1,000円 at Pokemon Centre's throughout Japan. Click here to see the torch promo, while you can check out the rather wicked looking Goodra below along with a glance at the aforementioned Flabébé and Druddigan on the side of the box:

As usual I'll keep you up to date on news as it comes!

shadoweon: Kura Icon by Pichu90.shadoweon on February 14th, 2014 05:34 pm (UTC)
Goomy! I can't wait to see that in the English sets too. <3