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Like clockwork, Toho auctions updated tonight with the early reveal of the two new sets due out this Friday in Japan: Rasen Force and Raiden Knuckle. And boy have we got two very, very nice sets for regulars to check out today.

The two sets as a whole are stunning, with a good mix of Plasma Pokemon and regulars, and the inclusion of every single Eevee evolution as part of the Eevee Collection promotion happening in Japan is a really nice touch. The Secret and Ultra Rare cards? Amazing. With them each set comes to a total of 58 cards each. 58 cards of Pokemon being incredibly angry that Unova is frozen.

Rasen Force SR/UR Cards: HeatranEX, DeoxysEX, Latios EX, Ghetsis, Shiny Empoleon, Shiny Sigilyph, Ultra Ball.
Raiden Knuckle SR/UR Cards: ThundurusEX (Beast Forme), LatiasEX, Tornadus EX (Beast Forme) Professor Juniper, Shiny Garchomp, Shiny Garbodor, Max Potion.

You can check them all out under the cut. Keep in mind there are a lot of images and it might take a while to load. A big thank you goes out to Toho Auctions for their uploads. My boxes are ordered and I'll be hopefully both sorting and scanning these babies soon, health pending!

Rasen Force:

Raiden Knuckle

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