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In commemoration of the Hiroshima Pokemon Centre opening this month, all Pokecens across Japan will be stocking a commemorative Special Box on the 26th of June: the Pretend Magikarp Pikachu & Pretend Gyarados Pikachu Special Box.

Each box will cost 2,500円 + tax, and come with 5 Bandit Ring booster packs, a 62 set of premium sleeves, deck box, and two premium full-art XY-P Promo cards with the two Pikas. All of this is in a nice heavy-duty long box, which can store up to 750 spare cards! Both Pikas are numbered promos, but we don't have confirmation on what their numbers are just yet.

Which of these cuties is your favourite?

Finally, we already know that the next Japanese card set (XY8) will be out toward the end of September, but a major hint as to what 'BREAK Evolution' may be has been dropped in the form of supplier documents for up-coming TCG merch in October. Cherumo Trading Cards of Akihabara report that two playmats have been listed for release on the 1st of October, one called the 'Harvest Festival Forest' (森の収穫祭) playmat which simply might be Halloween related, but the second playmat is:

Mega Mewtwo X & Mega Mewtwo Y

Perhaps the 'BREAK Evolution' hint is a mechanic that will allow for some evolution switching on special Megas like Mewtwo where it has two forms thanks to mega stone variances? Perhaps a way of bringing de-evolution back into the TCG to play a different or secondary evo? At the moment it's all up in the air and just speculation, but something tells me we got spoilt on what the set focal 'mon(s) will be in XY8.

(And if that's the case, finally, people can stop whining about the lack of M MewtwoEX... and go to complaining they're too OP!)

Many thanks to Dan for the heads up on the supplier note!
31 May 2015 @ 09:21 pm
I figure it's time I break the ice and apologise lately for failing to deliver news and scans of my own collection lately, but wanted to have it out on it's own instead of tacked onto a news post. Time to punch a hyperspace hole in the site to get this all out.

Update: A Lot Of WordsCollapse )
With the Rayquaza Mega Battle finals rounding up tonight, the end of tournament information dump we've seen prior in the Lizardon Mega Battle has happened once more. In addition to officially acknowledging the XY Master Deck Builder kits (which were posted about here), they also dropped a big hint in regards to the next XY card set.

It's been confirmed that the 8th XY expansion will debut in September, and while no name has been given yet, they offered a hint keyword: BREAK Evolution. It looks like the card mechanics might be shaken up once again with this, but right now it's all speculation asides from knowing the name of... whatever this will end up being!

They also announced that there will be two major tournament brackets in the Autumn Battle Festa 2015 after worlds, featuring 'BW Regulation' and 'XY Regulation' battles, which is an odd choice mixture as it's never been done before at a major tournament.
24 April 2015 @ 01:35 pm
As expected thanks to the preview on PokemonGet TV the past weekend, the official Pokemon-Card website updated today with the first official look at Bandit Ring! Amazon Japan also updated with the box art and pack art, featuring the gorgeous Hoopa Unbound rendered by Ryota Murayama, and stockists have given us some interesting info in regards to the set pulls for the June-July block.

XY7 Bandit Ring (June):
Calling all Pokemon EX says the official tagline, with the site today giving us nothing but official confirmation on Bandit Ring. Fortunately, the Amazon listings were more fruitful, giving us box art and confirming two cards for the set thanks to the previews on the side: Cottonee and Gardevoir! It seems like the official site is keeping tight lipped about how the set is going to unfold at present, but thankfully stockists have given us a little more food for thought.

The listings on Amazon and AmiAmi for Bandit Ring changed the amount of cards confirmed for the set -- while the initial sell sheet claimed the set to be a 97 cards + SR/UR giant, the latest revision instead states that Bandit Ring will consist of 81 cards + SR/UR. According to AmiAmi, the set is going to include 37 Common cards, 24 Uncommon cards, 9 Rare (holo) cards, 11 Double Rare (EX) cards, and a baseline 11 Super Rare cards to match those EX cards, for a current total of 92 cards.

You can check out the pack and box below! Hopefully we'll see some more info shortly.

Click to enlarge

CP2 Legendary Shine Collection (July):
Of note as well in regards to set pulls: AmiAmi also gave us the card amount listing for the concept pack. The concept pack is set to see the 27 main cards consisting of 12 Common, 3 Uncommon, 10 Rare (holo), and 2 Double Rare (EX) cards. Presumably if the concept pact is going to follow in the same vein as standard sets, we may see Super Rare variants of those EX cards, but nothing is confirmed yet.

With all the news of Hoopa Unbound, it was only inevitable the true pack art of XY7's Bandit Ring would be showcased, and today happened to be the day! PokemonGet TV had a special scoop which showcased the new set and revealed the pack which features the awesome Hoopa Unbound illustrated by Ryota Murayama.

It's likely that the next Pokemon-Card official site update will feature more info and card previews this week, so stay tuned. Until then, check out the preview below! Many thanks to Burusuca for the photo.

Bandit Ring PACK
Firstly, happy Rayquaza Mega Battle Mega Pack release day! The gorgeous BlazikenEX promo that was announced last month is now available in that from today.

The Pokemon Card official blog today posted news in regards to a few things -- the first is that a special TCG Illustrator signing will be happening during certain days of the Rayquaza Mega Battle. TOKIYA will be at the Aichi tourney on the 5th of May, Hitoshi Ariga on the 9th at Chiba, Mizuki Yutaka (mizue) on the 10th at Chiba, and lastly kawayoo on the 31st of May in Osaka. There'll be no illustrators present at the Hokkaido tourney.

Also during the Mega Battle will be sales of exclusive merch in the form of a collectors pin of the tournament logo for 500円, and a metal deck tin with a top tray for dice and markers for 950円. You can check out images of both below. Additionally, if people missed their chance to redeem their Pokemon Chance winning cards from Emerald Break for the Shiny RayquazaEX promo via the mail-in campaign, limited quantities of those promos can be redeemed at the tournament on the 7th of May.

XY_RMB_logoBadge_image candeckcase_damekan

The blog also announced the May to July block of Pokemon Gym will be seeing a new set of 12 promo cards, which was to be expected, in the 5th release of Gym Packs for the season. The promos will be lead by a dragon-type TyrantrumEX (133/XY-P), and the packs also feature Dragonair (132/XY-P) which is an alternate art reprint from Emerald Break.

TyrantrumEX comes as a surprise, as a recent announcement in the English TCG side of things showed that SceptileEX will be coming out, with the previously announced BlazikenEX and SwampertEX cards Japan has lined up as part of the Rayquaza Mega Battle goods, in the summer promo tins which lead many to assume it would be a part of this Gym pack release. It seems now that we'll more likely be seeing SceptileEX, likely with M-SceptileEX, during Japan's own summer tournaments in July, as I doubt they'll break their 1-EX per Gym block release pattern anytime soon.

You can check out both cards below. Tyrantrum's main attack is Dragon Impact for 190 damage at a cost of discarding 3 energy attached to the card.

Update:Jirachi was revealed as one of the pack cards in the latest issue of Pokemon Fan! Many thanks to Chari_LvX for the photo!

TyrantrumEXXY-P DragonairXY-PJirachiPromo

With the official reveal of Hoopa Unbound, we'll likely start seeing official news in the coming weeks for Bandit Ring, so stay tuned!

Hot off the stockist sellsheets we've got the info on our June set that was teased at on the posters of Emerald Break in card shops and Pokemon Centres alike. XY7 is slated to come out on the 20th of June and is called Bandit Ring, saying that it'll feature Hoopa as it's main focal. Unlike prior pack prototype images, this one features simply sugimori stock in silhouettes, which alongside one of the other products they announced, may be them implying about a certain Forme that has yet to be officially revealed. The set will have a whopping 97 cards + secret and ultra rares, and each pack will cost 150円 as per normal.


In addition to that, July's block of card goods has been announced for the movie merchandise madness that always happens during that month. This time we've got a brand new Concept Pack subset called Legendary Shine Collection, which will release on the 18th of July with special 4 card packs for 186円 a piece, with each pack having a guaranteed holo. Hoopa, Pikachu, Arceus, the Latis, Dialga, Regigigas, Reshiram, and Black Kyurem are all set to appear in the 27 card subset, and it's been confirmed that it will have secret rare cards.


On the same day, a new Starter Deck is being released: EmboarEX vs TogekissEX. Nothing much else is known about it asides from it's focal Pokemon, the fact it'll come with a coin, and the two 30-card half decks for 1,200円. Likewise, Hoopa sleeves and deck boxes will be seeing release on the 18th of July as well. Going by the blatant disuse of Hoopa itself on the sample art, it's highly likely to feature Hoopa Unbound.


The Pokemon-Card official website updated today in the wake of Emerald Break's release, featuring not only Emerald Break along with the M RayquazaEX Mega Battle Deck + all of the sleeves which came out alongside them, but a plethora of new news in regards to promos for the Rayquaza Mega Battle, in addition to officially announcing the Rayquaza Mega Battle Mega Pack which was announced to retailers a few months ago.


To reiterate since it's been a while since the sellsheet, the Mega Pack will come with a myriad of things including 6 booster packs (2x Gaia Volcano, 2x Tidal Storm, 2x Emerald Break), an original holo card promo, and a giant sized Rayquaza Mega Battle poster -- which has the card roster for Emerald Break on the other side -- all for 900円 + tax.

This means that the gorgeous and (at least here at CV) eagerly anticipated BlazikenEX promo has been revealed! In addition to that, the official blog surprised us with M BlazikenEX, and M SwampertEX. All three tie in to the Rayquaza Mega Battle. M BlazikenEX can be obtained by presenting event staff with a special coupon that will be given away in the Mega Pack itself, while M SwampertEX can only be obtained through a yet to be determined amount of Play Points for competing in events such as Pokemon Gym at the tourney.

BlazikenEX comes in at 127/XY-P, whilst it's Mega evo sits at 138/XY-P. M SwampertEX is unnumbered. You can check out all three cards and their translations below.



Rayquaza Prefecture Battle Promos:
Pokemon Centre and official card shops licensed to hold Pokemon Gym will be running a special series of tournaments called the Rayquaza Pre-Battle in celebration of the upcoming Mega Battle, in which a series of special unnumbered promos will be distributed to winners. The promos in question are a card called Gym Badge, and while all having the same effect, feature all of the Hoenn Gym Leaders and their badges.

These battles will be held from the 1st of April through to the 30th of April, and just to make things more difficult, only select Pokecens and prefectures will obtain each card. You can check out the roster below along with the images and translation - many thanks to pokemontrader for running through the distribution details with me!

• Roxanne: Pokemon Centre Nagoya + Hokkaido, Aomori, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima, Niigata prefecture stores
• Brawly: Pokemon Centre Osaka + Tochigi, Ibaraki, Chiba, Tokyo prefecture stores
• Watson: Pokemon Centre Fukuoka + Gunma, Saitama, Nagano, Yamanashi, Kanagawa prefecture stores
• Flannery: Pokemon Centre Sapporo + Shizuoka, Aichi prefecture stores
• Norman: Pokemon Centre Tohoku + Gifu, Mie, Ishikawa, Kukui, Shiga, Kyoto prefecture stores
• Winona: Pokemon Centre Tokyo Bay + Nara, Wakayama, Osaka prefecture stores
• Tate and Lisa: Pokemon Centre Mega Tokyo + Hyogo, Tottori, Okayama, Hirochima, Yamaguchi prefecture stores
• Wallace: Pokemon Centre Yokohama + Tokushima, Kagawa, Ehime, Kochi, Kukuoka, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Oita, Kagoshima prefecture stores

Flip a coin until you get tails. Draw a card for each heads.
You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before you attack).

Gym1 Gym2 Gym3 Gym4
Gym5 Gym6 Gym7Gym8

11 March 2015 @ 09:56 am

It's that time again, time for another early reveal of up and coming cards in the PTCG! Emerald Break officially hits shelves this Saturday on the 14th, but already cards have begun to leak early across JP Twitters and Yahoo Japan, giving us a nice early preview of the set. I hope you like birds because this set is full of 'em (and that is a-okay by me!)

The leak is a slow process. Stay tuned for updates as they come! Many thanks to Seedot Papa, Pokeca Matome, Myuu, and many others on twitter for their photos, and a mega thanks to Pokeca Tamadebako for their early scans.

Emerald Break's SR-UR Cards:
ThundurusEX (079/078), GalladeEX (080/078), M GalladeEX (081/078), LatiosEX (082/078), M LatiosEX (083/078), HydreigonEX (084/078), RayquazaEX (085/078), M RayquazaEX (086/078), ShayminEX (087/078), Winona (088/078), (089/078) Energy Switch (090/078), VS Seeker (091/078)

Emerald Break's Ancient Trait Cards:
Dustox, Articuno, Natu, Banette, Togekiss, Dragonite, Swellow, Altaria, and Unfezant

Set Images:

001 Exeggcute 002 Exeggcutor 003 Wurmple 004 Silcoon 005 Beautifly 006 Cascoon 007 Dustox 008 AT Dustox 009 Nincada 010 Ninjask 011 Shedinja 012 Tropius 013 Fletchinder 014 Talonflame 015 Articuno 016 AT Articuno 017 Wingul 018 Pelipper 019 Voltorb 020 Electrode 021 Zapdos 022 ThundurEX Tuutuu 024 AT Natu 025 Xatu 026 Shuppet 027 Banette 028 AT Banette 029 Deoxys 030 GalladeEX 031 MGalladeEX 032 Gligar 033 Gliscor 034 Absol 035 Jirachi Togepi Togetic 038 Togekiss AT-Togekiss 040 Dratini 041 Dragonair 042 Dragonite AT-Dragonite 044 Altaria 045 Bagon 046 Shelgon 047 Salamence LatiosEX M LatiosEX HydreigonEX Reshiram 052 Spearow 053 Fearow 054 Dunsparce 055 Skarmory 056 Tailow 057 Swellow 058 AT Swellow 059 Swablu AT-Altaria RayEX M-RayEX ShayEM 064 Mamepato 065 Hatobo 066 Kenhoro 067 AT Kenhoro 068 The Cutest Card Ever 069 Revive TrainersPost 071 Mega Turbo 072 Wide Lens 073 G SLink Lati SL 075 Winona 076 Wally Skyfield Double Dragon Energy

079 Thundur-SR 080 GalladeSR 081 MGalladeSR 082 LatiSR 083 MLatiEXSR 084 Sazan SR 085 Ray-SR 086 M-RaySR 087 ShayminSR 088 WinonaSR 089 WallySR 090 EnergySearchUR 091 VSSeekerUR

Deck Images::
001 Victini 002 Electrike 003 Manectric 004 Bagon RayquazaEX MRayDeck Zekrom

008 Bicycle UltraBall 010 Switch MegaTurbo 012 Ray SL 013 Birch 014 Daigo 015 Tierno 016 Platane 017 Lys 018 DDE
The nightly tradition continues! Tonight, the official Pokemon Japan twitter showcased M LatiosEX (049/078) along with it's matching Latios Spirit Link (074/078). They also adoringly tout that M LatiosEX "works well with the Mega Turbo, Double Dragon Energy, and other Dragons such as Reshiram!" Seeing such a clear image of M LatiosEX makes me appreciate the artwork a lot more; it's really quite gorgeous!

Emerald Break is out this Saturday, with full set leaks to come in the next day or two, so stay tuned!
Edit: Added a surprise card they just put up! Ancient Trait Dragonite (043/078).