The official Pokemon JP twitter updated again tonight with two more previews from the up and coming Emerald Break -- this a trend I like a lot! Tonight's cards are Togetic (037/078), the evolution of the Togepi they showcased earlier in the week, and a clear shot of Ancient Trait Altaria! Both cards and their translations, with a minor correction in the case of Altaria (which was read off of the poster last), can be seen below.

Expect a Merch Madness Weekend post in the coming day as well, and if the official twitter keeps things up, maybe even more card spoilers in the lead up to the early leaks!


06 March 2015 @ 08:58 pm
Once again, the official Japanese Pokemon twitter have given us two more card previews -- one which we'd seen before in Reshriam (051/078) from Emerald Break, which had made it onto the poster. The second is Zekrom, from the Mega Battle Deck, which comes in at 007/018. It's not yet known if the Zekrom in the deck is a reprint, or alternate art version of the Zekrom we know is going to be in the set thanks to Reshiram. Next week will tell when the set and deck leak.

You can check out both cards below!


The official Pokemon twitter updated tonight with three teasers from the upcoming Emerald Break, along with confirming a card for the Mega Rayquaza Deck. Additionally, they posted up the poster that was put up in Pokecens and card shops last week.

The gorgeous SR full art version of M RayquazaEX was shown, along with Togepi (036/078) whom was a given due to Togekiss appearing on the Emerald Break box. Togepi knows Sweet Kiss, allowing your opponent to draw a card while also dealing 10 damage - you can check out both below. That Rayquaza card is gorgeous.

The poster only had one new detail: June is when XY7 is due to land, and while we don't know the name (though likely will soon, given the haste with which we found out about Emerald Break after XY5) it's very clearly set to be a movie tie-in given the appearance of Hoopa's portal, and may be the first set since XY1 to not have a Mega Pokemon focal. Of course, all speculation until official details drop.

Emerald Break is out on the 14th, and we'll likely see early scans and photos in the coming days, so stay tuned!

MRaySR Togepi
As mentioned in the prior news story, new posters for Emerald Break are going up in Pokemon Centre's around Japan today, featuring cards that were in the CM along with a few new goodies we'd only had a tiny glimpse at before.

To begin, M LatiosEX was a major focal card on the poster, coming in at 049/078 in the set. Fellow legendary and Dragon Type Reshiram joins the fray at what looks like early 50's though the number is hard to make out. In addition to that, Ancient Trait Altaria, 060/078, was revealed in all her majesty. The kicker of the poster asides from the Shiny Rayquaza promo campaign though was the reveal of RayquazaEX and M RayquazaEX from the M RayquazaEX Deck due out the same day as Emerald Break.

You can check out images and translations of all the cards below! Click any of the cards to make them bigger. Many thanks to Yoyo and Shintaro for their transcriptions for some of the harder to read cards.



AT-Altaria Altaria Translation

RayEX Deck

M-Ray Deck

More posters are fronting up in Pokemon Centres for Emerald Break in the wake of the CM shown earlier this week, featuring the Ancient Trait Altaria, M LatiosEX, and Reshiram from the set. While there aren't images of those cards yet, a special card was showcased: promo 122/XY-P, which is a shiny-variant of the CoroCoro RayquazaEX promo reported on a couple of weeks ago!

The artwork for the card is 100% the same, simply with the shiny colouring, and does make one wonder if we'll be seeing a shiny M RayquazaEX at this rate in the future. The card can only be obtained through the Pokemon Card Chance slip-cards that will be in every pack of Emerald Break; and even then, you have to have up to 3 winning number cards to claim for a prize card, making this promo fiddly to attain unless boxes are being purchased to guarantee successful pulls for the prize cards.

You can check out the shiny Rayquaza below!

27 February 2015 @ 07:55 pm

Week 4 February - 22nd through 28th
This week the merch world is shaking things up with lots of type-themed releases, limited campaigns, and lots of adorable plush. While only a few things saw release this week, a lot more things have been announced in the lead-up to the July merch-fest that is the Pokemon Movie. So without further ado, lets dive right in!

• US-release Gulpin/Kirlia/Sableye Pokemon Centre Originals
• US-release Secret Base Pokedolls
• US-release Legendaries Pokemon Centre Originals
• Kotobukiya Akihabara Pokemon Corner Goods
• New Pokemon Regional Charms
• New Pokemon Pan
• Pokedex T-Shirt & Watch Sets
• Upcoming Tomy Moncolle Figures
• Shiny Mega Rayquaza Moncolle Campaign
• New PitaPoke Playsets
• Tomy Plush Announcements - Talking Hoopa!
• Pokemon Kids XY Overwhelm! Mega Rayquaza Compilation
• Shiny Mega Rayquaza (Pearl Version) Kids Campaign
• Pokemon XY Keshipoke Volume 2
• Pokemon Gachakeshi XY Movie 18 Ver.
• Monster Ball Stamp XY Movie 18 Ver.
• Pokemon Bath Towels ORAS
• Pokemon Super DX Plush Goomy & Goodra
• My Pokemon Collection ~Pokemon Type! Dragon~
• Pikachu Mokomoko Plush

MMW: February 22nd - 28thCollapse )

Stay tuned for Week 1 of March next weekend! I have a feeling we've got many more Hoopa and Shiny Rayquaza in the foreseeable future...
The official Pokemon youtube updated today in the wake of the official site update with an Emerald Break CM, featuring some small glimpses at three new cards: Nincada, a Dragon-Type Altaria, and a Colorless Ancient Trait Altaria! All the cards are a bit hard to make out right now for translations, but given the set drops in 2 weeks we'll have translations soon enough.

You can check out screen caps of the cards below, along with the CM they're a part of!

21 February 2015 @ 04:09 pm
In the wake of the latest magazine releases this weekend, the newest CoroCoro Ichiban featured not only a new chapter of the Pokemon Card XY manga with a M RayquazaEX showcase, but a brand new promo was announced: an Ancient Trait Salamence! Salamence will be distributed through the May issue of CoroCoro Ichiban. Due to the size of the image the promo number is unknown.

Edit: Full translation added thanks to 2ch transcribers.

21 February 2015 @ 03:44 pm

Week 3 February - 15th through 21st
It's time for a brand new segment on Collectorviper! I'd like to introduce you to the Merch Madness Weekend, where all of the non-TCG merchandise for Pokemon is rounded up and reported on. I've never been solely a TCG collector -- in fact it was through collecting other Pokemon merch that I began my TCG collection in the first place, and like many friends I have in the community still collect non-TCG merch here and there.

These round ups focus on two major things: merchandise being released during the week, and merchandise announced during the week. Given the Japanese Pokemon website updates every Friday with the Japanese goods, and the US Pokecen updates every weekend it seems when new goods are announced, the weekend in general is a good time to round up for all merch from plush, figures, gashapon, and much more!

Without further ado, let's dive in! This week sees some amazing new plush announced for March, in addition to the start of Hoopa's merchandise in the wake of the July movie and the return of the very loveable Substitute.

• Super Big-Size Substitute
• Primal/Mega Pokemon Charm Sets
• Latest Tomy Moncolle Figures
• Pokemon Battle Gum Tops Cards
• Pokemon Wall Story Decals
• 2-Top Glow In The Dark Pajyama Sets
• Pokemon Lace Bracelets
• Pokemon Jibbitz
• Upcoming Tomy Moncolle Figures
• Hoopa & Black-Coloured Rayquaza Goods
• Archdjinni of the Rings Plush
• Champion Cynthia Nendoroid
• Next Wave Pokecen Mega Plush

MMW: February 15th - 22ndCollapse )

And that wraps up this weeks MMW! It was a big one, but it's been a big week of announcements as well as releases. Stay tuned for Week 4 of February next weekend!
A strange product has been announced on suppliers like Rakuten and AmiAmi called the Pokemon Card XY Gummi Emerald Break, which is a new Pokemon Card x Takara Tomy Arts collaborative product. Each pack comes with grape-flavoured Pokeball gummis and yet to be determined number of cards (likely 1-2) and will be out on the 23rd of March for a cost of 108円. This gummi pack is released just a week after Emerald Break.

Most interestingly, the pack sell sheet totes that it will have '22 special selection' cards which are for the most part all evolution related (so evolution families). RayquazaEX and M RayquazaEX are both confirmed to be possible pulls from the pack! There also are no trainer cards at all in the line up. Whether the cards included will be solely from Emerald Break, or if a surprise promo card will make an appearance, is also not known yet.