Busy news day! First off, thanks to the keen eyes of the lovely heatrotomftw97 we've got the sellsheet for BW7 Plasma Gale, which has given us the pack artwork. As suspected with the announcement of the Lugia deck shield and deck cases, we've got ourselves Lugia as the focal Pokemon. It may be safe to assume that LugiaEX will be in the set. You can check it out below:

Additionally, Rakuten updated this afternoon with even more goods announced. Due for release on October 19th, we'll be getting two more Battle Strength Decks: Battle Strength Deck Black KyuremEX, and Battle Strength Deck White KyuremEX. Both sell for 1,680円 a piece and will have 60 cards. They're just like the large EX Battle Strength Decks released for Reshiram and Zerkom not too long ago.

A big thanks to denkimouse for being my ear on the ground with the Rakuten updates today.

We'll keep you in the loop as the news comes.

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Set Name: ポケモンカードゲームBW バトル強化デッキ ゼクロムEX (Battle Strength Deck ZekromEX)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 18
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: The newest instalment to what is looking to become a common series of decks for the BW era, the ZekromEX deck delivers an interesting little medley of cards. The decks themselves come in huge boxes to allow for the gorgeous heavy GSM printed playmat, a good sized book about deck building, damage counters, and a coin hiding beneath the deck itself. The decks are a pre-built 60 card version, unlike the previous Battle Strength decks which were only half decks. ZekromEX is obviously the star of the show for this set, with art that just about steals the show from the rest of the deck. One thing I love between the ReshiramEX and ZekromEX decks is the parallel in the artwork. All of the ReshiramEX deck cards are warm, sunny, and bright environments while ZekromEX deck cards are broody and stormy. Eevee is the best example across both to show the difference, since the base card is the same but with totally different art depending on what deck it originates from.

I got my hands on these decks thanks to the ever-lovely denkimouse of Sunyshore.

• This deck was released in Japan on the 21st of October 2011.
• The reason the set logo is BK instead of BS is due to the reading of Strength in Japanese, which is Kyouka.
• Many cards from this deck were assimilated into the English set Next Destinies.

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Set Name: バトル強化デッキ30ケルディオ (Battle Strength Deck Keldeo)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 15
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: A continuation of the original Battle Strength Deck series with the original three Muskedeers, this latest entry brings us Keldeo's first card in the TCG. Much like it's predecessors, there are three focal energies in this deck. This time the focus is on Water, Dark, and Steel. Nothing much else to say about the deck, perhaps asides from mentioning that the broken glass holo of the prior decks has been swapped for a mineral holo which is beautiful in person.

I got my hands on these decks thanks to denkimouse of Sunyshore, who was amazing and middled this deck for me.

• This deck was released in Japan on the 20th of April 2012.
• This deck was the official debut of Keldeo in the TCG.
• This deck hasn't been released in English yet.

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