Howdy folks, tonight Toho auctions updated with the early reveal of the two new sets due out this Friday in Japan: Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare. I'm actually in Japan right now, so I'll be heading into Hamamatsuchō to pick up boxes, along with the new promo cards, before coming back to do a live stream here at the fabulous denkimouse 's place.

The two sets as a whole are stunning, with a lot of contenders that were rather unexpected. BW6 as a whole has been a mostly guarded dual set block, with many of the cards unknown until the reveals that started this afternoon with the SR cards.

Speaking of...

Freeze Bolt SR/UR Cards: CreseliaEX, KeldeoEX (Resolution Forme), White KyuremEX, Belle, Shiny Terrakion, and Shiny Altria.
Cold Flare SR/UR Cards: CelebiEX, LandorusEX (Beast Forme), Black KyuremEX, Cheren, Golurk (UR) and Rocky Helm.

You can check them all out under the cut. Keep in mind there are a lot of images and it might take a while to load. A big thank you goes out to Toho Auctions for their uploads, and to Jon of Pokebeach for scouring up some shots of Golurk and Terrakion as no one has scanned them in yet. Like I said, boxes on Friday. Very much looking forward to it all! Take care.

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25 May 2012 @ 07:17 pm
A small but exciting update tonight, courtesy of the lovely runners of the PCGN blog. Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare are going to be seeing some old Kanto favourites, finally finishing off the line that began in BW4 with the Venusaur family being in that set. The blog revealed the images of Charmander (010/059), and Charmeleon (011/059) from Freeze Bolt along with Squirtle (012/059), and Wartortle (013/059) from Cold Flare.

It's more than safe to presume we'll be seeing Charizard and Blastoise to match the set. You can check out the new cards below! Interestingly, their Pokedex entries have been blanked out so presumably they'll be entries from the up and coming Black 2 and White 2.

Freeze Bolt:

Cold Flare:

As usual we'll keep you updated as the news comes.

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In an early update this week, the official website updated today with the official launch of the BW6 Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare page.

While little was revealed, what was is still nice in terms of clarification, and general hype. In addition to confirming all prior details off the sale sheets, the site also gave us a very nice clear look at the previously shown Black KyuremEX and White KyuremEX cards that were revealed in the early CoroCoro leak. We know also know that Black KyuremEX is 045/059. You can check out the two clear shots below along with the final confirmed pack art.

Alongside the official unveil, the site detailed the Box Campaign. The promo for this block set is going to be Flygon -- though the card has yet to be unveiled itself -- and with the side of the boxes shown in the promo image we can also confirm that Maril and Audino will be in Freeze Bolt, while Herdier and Lilligant will be in Cold Flare. It's unknown yet as to which set will see a Flygon variant. You can check out the images below.

As usual we'll keep you updated as the news comes!

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Well. A lot of news has come about lately, all of it exciting, so lets dive right on in.

First off, the latest issue of CoroCoro has been leaked early, featuring a shot of Black KyuremEX (???/059) and White KyuremEX (041/059) - from Freeze Bolt and Cold Flare respectively. At present it appears they were the only two new cards shown in this months issue. You can check them and their awesome art out below:

(Click for Larger)

Additionally, the PCGN Blog along with a couple of players via twitter have showcased a slew of new promos. First off, a neat little trophy promo comes to us in the form of Palace Belt. During the Spring Battle Carnival, there was a side league called the Open Battle League Tournament. Winners of the tournament walked away with the Palace Belt as a prize.

Alongside that, the PCGN blog updated yesterday with the June Gym Challenge promotional pack cards. The cards include Ampharos, Trubbish, Aron, Braviary, Rare Candy, Tool Scrapper, and Grass/Water/Psychic/Metal energy. The ten new cards fill in the gap of 134/BW-P through to 143/BW-P. You can check all of them out, plus Palace Belt, below.

As usual we'll keep you in the loop as the news comes.

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18 April 2012 @ 03:31 am
An additional note, regarding our prior story.

Thanks to the keen eye of Karl B. we've got the pack artwork for BW6. It's safe to assume that sell sheets will be around for all the previously announced products, so hopefully more of these will surface in the next few days to give us more ideas as to what the July block holds! You can check out the packs below:

Again, thank you to Karl B. for the heads up!
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Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Things have been hectic for me recently, and I've not had much time to devote as I'd usually like in addition to looking for a new server for the back end so I can get back to card scanning!

Tonight a handful of online sellers updated their stock listings, and the next block has been announced after the lull we've had this month. Unfortunately no sell sheets have popped up, but regardless a decent chunk of information has surfaced.

On July 13th, the next major BW sets are going to land. Aptly titled Freeze Bolt [フリーズボルト] and Cold Flare [コールドフレア], the sets will revolve around White Kyurem (CF) and Black Kyurem (FB). At present it's unsure if Keldeo or any of the other movie Pokemon are set to appear in either set. What we do know is that the sets are going to have 59 cards each, plus additional SR/UR cards. It's likely that we'll be seeing a Box Campaign card, though it's unknown at present. Alongside the sets we've got an Official Card Case, Sleeves, Card File, Energy Set + Case, and Playmat featuring Black Kyurem and White Kyurem. We've also got our first hard-shell carrying case since BW2 also set to feature the two new mascots.

Additionally, the movie release this year is seeing the return of the Movie Commemoration Pack. Released on the 13th as well, the Movie Commemoration Pack Black Kyurem/White Kyurem Set will feature 1x Freeze Bolt, 1x Cold Flare, 1x Dark Rush, and 1x Red Collection booster pack(s). Along with those is a special original Keldeo holo promotional card, and a campaign entry postcard.

As usual, July is already providing a plethora of cards, and that's without promotional cards announced.

August also is seeing a small release to keep the flow going. Two blister packs have been announced: Premium Holo Card Special Pack Reshiram, and Premium Holo Card Special Pack Zekrom. These two packs will finally have the Japanese releases of the previously English-exclusive SR full art ZekromEX/ReshiramEX cards, along with a rather large assortment of booster packs. These packs are due out on August 3rd, costing 1,280円 a piece.

A BIG big big thank you to Katz for the heads up! ありがとうございます(* ̄∇ ̄*)
As usual we will do our best to keep you up to date on news as it comes.

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