01 January 2014 @ 01:05 am
Happy New Year from CollectorViper!
It's officially 2014 here in Australia, so wishing you all the best and that you have a happy, safe, and prosperous year.
31 August 2013 @ 12:36 am
Did you know? On the 20th of October this year Collectorviper will officially be five years old.

The number hit me a few weeks back, and it still sort of amazes me overall that my little contribution to the PTCG world has been going as long as it has. With age comes wear, and I felt the original design of the site had seen it's time -- the introduction of Fairy Type to the TCG, in addition to being the first new type in Pokemon generally since Gold and Silver, also brought on the idea of a change. It ignited a spark I haven't felt for quite a while.

So, welcome to the brand new Collectorviper!

A quick overview:
・The new logo is by the lovely techno4tomcats. We've evolved into a Pidgeot now ;)
・The site has been optimised to work on most resolutions but ideally anything that is 1440x900 and up is optimum. (at the very least widescreen is a must)
・The sidebar is now located on the right hand side instead of the left.
・The era names have been shortened in the sidebar. It's just tidier.
・Wallpapers have been removed for the time being, as has the Divine Grace project, until further notice.
・English and Korean cards will no longer be catalogued on CV. On a personal level I've stopped collecting both which is why this is the case.

Known bugs:
・Due to back end coding, not all the sidebar quick links for the scan eras work and until I have more time I can't fix this just yet. In the interim I recommend just going to the master list and expanding all the text cuts to easily peruse the eras. Promise I'll fix this if I can ASAP -- it's a remnant that just refuses to budge.

The future:
・More special articles; things such as the Battle Boost special reporting on pulls from boxes and featuring photos of the cards as a sort of prelude to scans. This is more or less the personal side to CV, and it reminds people that while I enjoy bringing Japanese PTCG news to the english collectors and fans alike? CV has always been that bit more personal. Helps hammer home as well that every scan is from a card in my personal collection. It just feels right.
・These specials might also have moments of going into older grand additions to the collection and showing how they are now, and the memories associated with them.
・With time, all old scans (pre-2011, before the acquisition of my current scanner) will be replaced with new scans. It's been in the books for a long time, and slowly chipped at, but it's now a major goal.
・Those PDF checklist downloads? Actually having all of them up for a change. Promise. (I need them finished too because they go in my folders for cataloguing.)

And much more -- the tl;dr is that CV hasn't been abandoned by any means. It's just that life, and health, very much got in the way for a while. And while work limits my time, I've at the very least got a drive to work on things again that I didn't before.

Here's to the future!