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15 May 2014 @ 03:58 pm
News: Lucha Lucha, Hawcha-lucha! Rising Fist officially revealed!  
Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 3.43.09 pm

The Pokemon-Card official site updated tonight nice and early in the wake of all the english TCG news, officially acknowledging that Rising Fist is due out on the 14th of June, along with the Mega Lucario Fighting Box.

The promotional artwork released for the set more or less confirms that we'll be seeing Hawlucha, Machamp, Golurk, and Landorus in the set in addition to LucarioEX and M LucarioEX. Official pack images from the English release shown earlier this week confirmed the existence of HeracrossEX and M HeracrossEX, along with Tyrantrum. Speaking of EX cards -- the LucarioEX and M LucarioEX cards we were teased with in CoroCoro earlier this week were shown in full, and you can check them out below.

LucarioEX comes in at 052/096, with M LucarioEX at 053/096. Additionally two new trainers: Fighting Stadium and Korrina, were showcased.


The Pokemon Gym promotional box promo was also showcased, and is a holo Pangoro (059/XY-P), meaning we'll be seeing Pangoro in the set. Along with it, XY3's Pancham was shown, and the side of the booster box revealed that Dedenne and Ursaring are set to appear in Rising Fist as well.


And lastly, the Mega Lucario Fighting Box was also officially added to the product roster. To reiterate, the kit comes with a whopping 8 XY3 Rising Fist booster packs, almost half of a booster box worth there, along with 2x new Strong Energy (confirmed to be an XY3 trainer), 1x Shauna card (CharizardEX Deck print), 1x Tierno card (likewise), and 10 Fighting Energy cards. Additionally, the wonderful storage box has a special promo: HawluchaEX, confirmed to be an XY-P promo of an illegible at present number.

Easily the coolest EX card of the XY block yet.


I don't know about you all, but I'm very excited for this set! We're going to see some amazing cards, I think.
As usual I'll endeavour to bring you news as it comes.

★ ドクロッグ ★: Hawlucha anime!!!dokurog on May 15th, 2014 10:39 am (UTC)
Claire: Pokemon Game: Mazal Tov!faiarrow on May 15th, 2014 10:40 am (UTC)
SO EXCITED his first official card is HELLA RAD.