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21 November 2014 @ 06:27 pm
News: February CoroCoro Ichiban to feature Regirock Promo  
The latest issue of CoroCoro Ichiban has revealed an up-coming promo card that will be due out with the February issue on December 21st this year. The card in question is an Ancient Trait Regirock, which means we might be seeing a matching Registeel and Regice in due time as well. Nothing much else is known about it at present, but the card in question along with a partial translation can be seen below. The text is too small in some parts to make out.

Much like the Talonflame promo released in the February issue of Ichiban last year in celebration of Collection X and Collection Y, this Regirock may also be a reprint from it's respective XY5 set Gaia Volcano with a CoroCoro Ichiban stamp on the bottom, but until further set spoilers happen this is not yet confirmed.

Edit: Clearer images have made a full translation possible. This Regirock comes in at 104/XY-P and has the CoroCoro Ichiban stamp on the bottom left of the card.