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17 February 2015 @ 08:10 pm
Scans: タイダルストーム [Japanese]  
Set Name: タイダルストーム (Tidal Storm)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 80
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: The XY5 set block gave us a double-whammy with two big sets making it up along with a lot of changes to the era mechanics to shake things up in the wake of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire's release, which these sets more or less commemorate. In lieu of changing from the XY era they instead just upped the ante.

To start off with, another tier was added to the evolutions in the form of Primal cards. Primals are alternates of Mega-EX cards which use the same basic mechanics, but have slightly upgraded designs featuring 'Primal' underneath the evolution bubble and the addition of an Ancient Trait. Speaking of, Ancient Traits are a whole new thing to the TCG as well. Not only do they offer an expansion of power on the Primal Mega cards, but there are standard non-EX Ancient Trait cards, which also have a new illustration style called 'Wide Illustration' for how they expand across the surface of the card.

To tie in with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the traits are Alpha and Omega based. Tidal Storm, being a ‘sea-based’ Pokemon set revolving around Primal Kyogre and thus Alpha Sapphire, has two Alpha Ancient Traits seen across the cards:
ɑ Growth: When you attach an Energy card from your hand to this Pokemon (except with an attack, Ability, or Trainer card), you may attach 2 energy cards.
ɑ Recovery: When this Pokemon is healed, double the amount healed.

The other neat thing about this set in addition to all these Alpha-powered Pokemon, is that the set specifically has no Fire, Ground, or Steel types in it at all, with those appearing only in Gaia Volcano. Likewise, Gaia Volcano lacks Water, Dark, or Fairy types all together. It's an elemental schism that hasn't been done before, and sadly is lost in translation (along with a number of much better trainer names...) with the English set amalgamating XY5 together.

Visually, both Gaia Volcano and Tidal Storm offer a veritable feast for the eyes. The EX cards all look full on, the wide illustrations of the Ancient Trait cards are incredibly dynamic, and the general quality of art overall just seems to be very high -- the fact that this set coincided closely with the release of the official Illustration Collection art book might have something to do with it, but I just feel the direction of the art overall is very strong.

I had two boxes of this set + 3 extra packs. Tidal Storm didn’t have the greatest pulls for me compared to Gaia Volcano — though the high amount of SR and UR cards doesn’t make it much easier in the first place, but I feel that the addition of Primal-variant Mega-EX cards, along with SR Mega-EX cards gave an unmarked minor change in the tiering of rarities in the RR cards. I failed to pull Primal KyogreEX which was pretty sad, but I did at least get GardevoirEX and M GardevoirEX along with a SR Wailord! As I said with Gaia Volcano, I knew going into this that irregardless the 10 card SR/UR secrets were going to be painful to fill in. Good luck to the people going after the English printing of this set for that very painful reason altogether!

• This set was released in Japan on the 13th of December 2014.
• There was no corresponding deck released with this set.
• There was however a special ‘Silver M MetagrossEX’ blister pack released, which featured not only a shiny MetagrossEX and M MetagrossEX promo, but a promo-print of Ancient Trait Torchic.
• This was the first set to introduce Ancient Trait Pokemon, and additionally the new card design style called Wide Illustration which goes hand in hand with them.
• This set also changed up the SR and UR cards once more in the XY era, with Mega-EX cards receiving SR prints, and UR gold-cards going back to being Item reprints.
• This set was released as Primal Clash in English.

Last Updated: 17/02/15