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17 July 2015 @ 12:00 pm
Special: Legendary Shine Collection + EmboarEX VS TogekissEX Early Reveal!  


Here's our double feature! In celebration of the new Pokémon Movie that's out tomorrow, we've got the special Concept Pack Legendary Shine Collection which is chock-full of only Pokémon, and along-side it the last standard deck for the XY era before the change over to BREAK in September, the EmboarEX VS TogekissEX Deck. Both are brimming with some great cards, and all of them feature some pretty damn amazing artwork! Both the concept pack and deck are released officially as of tomorrow, and kick off the horrifying merchandise run that is July 18th for Pokémon.

You can check out all the cards below! Adding them as they're posted.

Legendary Shine is our first subset (or general set period) since 2009 to feature solely Pokémon cards, with no trainers. All Pokémon featured are either owned in the anime by one of the protagonists (including pre-evos of current evolutions), Team Rocket, or are one of the Legendaries in the movie, with a few surprise guests thrown in that feature in all the joint full artworks of the amazing Legendaries.
001/027 Chespin
002/027 Reshiram
003/027 Fennekin
004/027 Braixen
005/027 Palkia
006/027 Froakie
007/027 Froggadier
008/027 PikachuEX
009/027 Zekrom
010/027 Dedenne
011/027 Wobbuffet
012/027 HoopaEX
013/027 Hippopotas
014/027 Pancham
015/027 Hawlucha
016/027 Inkay
017/027 Dialga
018/027 Latias
019/027 Latios
020/027 Black Kyurem
021/027 White Kyurem
022/027 Meowth
023/027 Regigigas
024/027 Arceus
025/027 Rufflet
026/027 Braviary
027/027 Noibat

Legendary Shine Collection:
Chespin1 Reshiram2 Fennekin3 Braixen4 Palkia5 Froakie6 Froggadier7 PikachuEX8 Zekrom9 Dedenne10 Wobbuffet11 Hoopa12 Hippopotas13 Pancham14 Hawlucha15 Inkay16 Dialga17 Latias18 Latios19 BlackKyurem20 WhiteKyurem21 Meowth22 Regigigas23 Arceus24 Rufflet25 Wargle26 Noibat27

As for the EmboarEX vs TogekissEX Deck, we've got a good general assortment of Pokémon -- Fire, Psychic, and Steel make up Emboar's side, while Water, Electric, and Fairy make up Togekiss' side, with a sole colorless on both teams.
As for trainer cards, all are reprints.
XYE EmboarEX VS TogekissEX Deck List
001/022 Growlithe
002/022 Arcanine
003/022 EmboarEX
004/022 Corsola
005/022 Electabuzz
006/022 Electavire
007/022 Espurr
008/022 Meowstic
009/022 Mawile
010/022 TogekissEX
011/022 Spritzee
012/022 Aromatisse
013/022 Dunsparce
014/022 Furfrou
015/022 Energy Retrieval
016/022 Potion
017/022 Great Ball
018/022 Switch
019/022 Pokémon Catcher
020/022 Shauna
021/022 Tierno
022/022 Double Colorless Energy
Fire Energy + Electric Energy + Psychic Energy + Fairy Energy

EmboarEX vs TogekissEX Deck:
Growlithe1 Arcanine2 EmboarEX3 Corsola4 Electabuzz5 Electivire6 Espurr7 Meowstic8 Mawile9 TogekissEX10 Spritzee11 Aromatisse12 Dunsparce 13 Furfrou14 ER15 Potion16 GreatBall17 Switch18 Catcher19 Sana20 Tierno21 DCE22