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Scans: 青い衝撃 [Japanese]

Set Name: 青い衝撃 (Blue Shock)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 65
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: Blue Shock and Red Flash are a part of the dual set block that makes up the entirety of XY8, while also being the 8th consecutive set for the XY era and the first set of the new Pokemon Card Game XY BREAK block. We’d gotten hints for a while that a Mewtwo-oriented set would be coming through products announced for the October period after this set would come out, and not only was it stuffed full of Mewtwo with a combined 10 cards in total (5 in each set) but also came bearing a new mechanic that’s never been done in the TCG before.

Pokemon BREAK cards. BREAK cards were made so that Pokemon that usually never saw EX cards could gain a power up in kind, and it’s pretty beefy overall due to how they’re played — horizontally, sitting over the artwork of the prior evolution. This is specifically because of the rule which states for us that:
BREAK Evolution Rule: [Pokemon] BREAK retains the attacks, Abilities, Weakness, Resistance, and Retreat Cost of its previous Evolution.

Additionally, all BREAK cards feature gold-clad Pokemon. I think it’s a pretty awesome mechanic, as it’s bringing variety in against the EX cards which has been needed for quite while.

Two boxes netted a fairly hefty chunk of cards, and I pulled all of the main set outside of EX cards and BREAK over livestream with good company. The chunk of SR cards is thankfully not so woefully as huge as previous sets, but only pulling 1 SR from both boxes was a little painful — as much as I’d of loved to have pulled one of the Arita Gold UR cards, it just wasn’t happening either. They found a pretty good balance for distribution I feel given BREAK cards take up the same slot as EX, sharing the double rare (RR) marking.

Big favourite cards for me in this set have to be the UR Mewtwo (I don’t even like Mewtwo I just love Mitsuhiro Arita’s stunning artwork), Doduo, Noctowl, and Xerneas.

You can see a full size, correct orientation scan of the BREAK cards from this set below:
ZoroarkBREAK & FlorgesBREAK

• This set was released in Japan on the 26th of September 2015.
• There were two corresponding decks released with this set block, BREAK Evolution Pack: RaichuBREAK and BREAK Evolution Pack: NoivernBREAK.
• M MewtwoEX’s 1st Edition SR print (063/059) was printed with a typo in the text band that read VANISING STRIKE instead of VANISHING STRIKE. This error has been issued a correction as of the Unlimited print.
• Both Beheeyem and Noctowl, both featured in this set, saw BREAK cards issued promotionally after this set was released.
• This set was released as BREAKthrough in English.

Last Updated: 31/01/16
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