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Scans: ポケキュンコレクション

Set Name: ポケキュンコレクション (Pokekyun Collection)
Set Logo: CP3
Number of Cards: 32
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: Much like Shiny Collection back in the BW era, not only is Pokekyun a wholly holo set — be it literal holofoil cards or gloss coating with holo inset onto it to make the cards very refractive in the light — but it shares the similarity of being a cutesy type set with a heavy focus on cute, or popular Pokemon. Pokekyun comes in as our 3rd Concept Pack for the entire XY era, and our 1st specifically during the XY BREAK era, and not only features a vast array of original cards for the subset, but some very gorgeous alternate art reprints of prior cards all the way back to XY4.

In addition to all of this, Pokekyun brought in a ‘charm’ system, wherein the left side of the card artwork border is decorated with an array of hang charms which denote different emotions regarding the Pokemon featured in the artwork. In addition to them generally meaning something, the “Pokekyun Secret” insert cards that were on the back of the advertisement cards give a bit more insight into the illustration brief for the cards in the subset.

RibbonRibbon (Charming): Fully cute! It’s a maximum girly ribbon charm★ Women are attracted by extremely cute illustrations, and ribbon charms are lucky. Pay attention to the little touches in the background♪
HeartHeart (Close Friends): The heart charm looks good and best given to friends♡ When you’re with that little one your heart is warmed. Heart charms have such happy illustrations. You can see there’s so much fun!
CloverClover (Pure): You’re sure to find the most pure, immaculate heart with the clover charm. Oh my! Your expressions and behaviour, they're so precious. This is such a blessing. These clover charm illustrations of purity are so soothing.
DropletDroplet (Sorrow): Sadness comes with the droplet charm; a small sadness, such as loneliness. The droplet charm illustrations make you feel that way. …Sadness prepares us for happiness.
StarStar (Magnificent Battler): The star charm sparkles like a brilliant fight! Believe in yourself and stand up against any opponent! These beautiful battle illustrations with the star charm — it’s hard to not admire them.
BookBook (Story): The book charm guides us to the hidden story of Pokemon in the illustrations. When a book charm is attached to an illustration, that means another card follows it. Find the continuation and try to complete the story.

This, along with many cards having unique dex entries that are from the perspective of the Pokemon or owners of the Pokemon, makes this entire subset have even more charm than I think Shiny Collection ever had. I really, really love it!

With two boxes I pulled an entire set bar the Pikachu full art card; RR cards are a little spartan in distribution, and while each box has 5 guaranteed it’s in which 5 you get that the trouble sets in when it comes to completing things. Only 1 GardevoirEX and 1 SylveonEX (normal) out of two boxes on my end but nice duplicate pulls. As for favourite cards -- there are so many! Biggest favourites of mine though have to be Swablu and Fletchling, followed by the full art SylveonEX and the normal FlareonEX. Also Yveltal. Because holy gods is that a ridiculously cute card for a death bird.

• This subset was released in Japan on the 29th of January 2016.
• The entirety of this subset is holographic and glossy coated.
• There was a premium long box released alongside this subset, the Premium Pokekyun♥Set, which featured a special Pokekyun style ShayminEX promo and came with packs of the set.
• This subset was released as part of Generations in English.

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