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Revealed in the Worlds 2016 Opening Ceremony, the next era of the Pokemon TCG has already kicked off with quite a bang. As confirmed by the contents page of the artbook just a few days ago, the next era is going to be called Pokemon Card Game Sun & Moon. The JP site and youtube updated today to feature the logo for the era, in addition to confirming that the first set will debut in December 2016 for Japan.

A new mechanic was also revealed: PokemonGX. GX Pokemon have high HP, high power, and a new devastating attack called a GX Attack. Full rulings on the cards can be seen below:
A player can use only one GX attack per game, total.

Each Pokémon GX has a maximum of two attacks in addition to its GX attack.

Pokémon GX have strong attacks and high HP, so they can overwhelm the opponent's Pokémon without needing to rely on the GX attack.

When a Pokémon GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes two Prize cards.

SolgaleoGX and LunalaGX have been the first GX cards revealed, though only partially with attack costs, HP, and set logo/number all omitted. It's not yet known if GX cards will be basic cards, or power-up cards like Lv.X, Great/Prime, and BREAK. We will likely find out come mid-late September, after the release of CP6.

The one GX attack per game is certainly game-changing! Going to be interesting to see how this mechanic is going to unfold over the next few years of this upcoming era.
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