Claire (viperfox) wrote in collectorviper,

The End • 終わり

It's been a wonderful 9 years with a lot of ups and downs.
I'm going to miss you all.

Today, CV is officially closing its doors -- something that my twitter followers have known for quite some time but I've dragged my feet on posting about here on the site officially. I lost a lot of joy with collecting the TCG halfway through the XY-era; the sets were becoming a pain to fill in with boxes, the promos were spiralling out of control (especially extremely limited numbered ones), and there was no joy in going through the motions. S&M was my breaking point, with radical changes to pulls, an extreme over saturation of RR/SR/HR/UR cards with unbalanced pull rates making fill-in costs a nightmare (nevermind if you wanted a chance at good pulls needing to spend over a grand per set for a case), and an overall lack of care from Creatures Inc as to how the player and collector base was feeling with dual set blocks being shoehorned together with new + subsets every two months between.

I realised I couldn't, both financially as well as mentally, keep going with it.
I'm not the only one this era has broken, with other collectors turning in as well.

I also have been struggling to just simply maintain the site. Set after set after set of raw scans sit on my desktop machine unprocessed due to software changes (loss of Adobe CS3 into CC made base editing processes a nightmare), in addition to my physical health actually limiting my ability to sit at my home desk for long periods to work on the site. I'm physically disabled and deal with chronic pain. My passion for archiving the beautiful art of the cards pushed me through a lot in the middle lifespan of CV, but it's just so much of a detriment now its not worth me spending what little energy I have left after my work day (full time work!) trying to do it.

So what does this all mean for the site as a whole? For the collection?

There are a lot of older scan sets on here that I unfortunately just won't update ever, but I will release -- in time, when I sort them into a filing system that makes sense to not just me -- the raw PSD page scans of cards for free use. For archiving, for making base card templates, for use on other sites, and so on. They will be uploaded in compressed files per set or promo year, depending on what I have done, and linked here in time.

As for the collection itself: save for a few articles I'm keeping for myself -- certain jumbos or specific sets like DP6 and DPt4, the entirety of the Collectorviper collection will be going on sale.

Yes, including the 1998 Kamex Mega Battle trophy set.
Yes, including the University Magikarp and GET Club Eevee/Shining Karp.
Yes, including other hard to find trophy promos.
Yes, including the entire Players promo set and shining Umbreon/Espeon.

In time. I need time to sort them, to make private offers available, to see if people would like to take sets vs individuals for certain things. It's going to take me likely the rest of the year before I'm ready to even part with some of it, but it's for the best. The cards, themselves, don't bring me any measure of happiness that they once did, and for that I want them to move on to others who'll appreciate them.

I'll also be doing grab-bags of all my spares, which could range from good cards to a slew of commons. Anything to move the bulk from 10+ years of collecting. Again, this is going to take time. For the most part a lot of it I'd like to organise it via the CV twitter (@collectorviper) in DMs there, solely for ease of back-tracking and collating stuff, vs emails, so please keep an eye out on there for sales announcements.

I wish those collectors who're still going through, who are still holding on and enjoying things to keep doing well at what you do. I'm so proud to have been a part of this community, and will miss it dearly, but this also is a great weight off of my shoulders.

Thank you.

With love, Cally.

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