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04 November 2008 @ 09:52 pm
Special: Raichu in the TCG  
Welcome to the first special for collectorviper! I'd like to start off with saying a big thank-you to all the people who have visited and joined, or simply watch! It's nice to know that you're enjoying the community! I'll also take the time to mention that we have a re-directing domain- www.collectorviper.com - which can be used to quickly link the community.

All the scans here bar about 4 were provided by denkimouse (Gin) from her personal collection. She has one of every raichu card made (in Japanese, which holds majority of cards unreleased in english print). Gin has been a long-time collector of Pokemon, focusing on electric types in her collections. She resides in Japan and is one of the moderators of the wonderful pkmncollectors community, and also runs Sunyshore.com - her collection site and store.

Now, without further ado:

This scan set features main cards, trainer cards, and a few trainer cards of important raichu trainers who have earnt their keep in the TCG. Enjoy!

Remember to pay sunyshore a visit! The pokemart features a lot of items from japan that aren't always easy to get a hold of! Sunyshore.com. \

If we have forgotten a card, or I forgot to post a scan, comment and let me know!

Last Updated: 29/11/08
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