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Scans: 海からの風 [Japanese]

Set Name: 海からの風 (Wind from the Sea)
Set Logo:
Number of Cards: 90
Checklist: Download (PDF)

Notes: e3 I find is where the sets really hit a great peak. The official blurb for the story behind the sets describes this next stage in the thematic set run is "the puzzle of the seabed ruins at the most southern part of the continent". There are two major areas of the Mystery Continent explored: the cliffs, which are rich in forests and apricots, and the ruins beneath the cliff, buried by the ocean. All of these areas are very much explored in the diverse artworks of the set. e3/4/5 are probably some of the hardest older sets to compile. Between the elusive Neutral Pokemon cards and how small the packs were in comparison to the set size, it made piecing the sets together very difficult. I purchased the base set from an eBay seller, minus the Neutral cards. While Kingdra and Lugia were very easy to find, Nidoking gave me some serious grief (three year search!)

This is the first set to feature the Neutral Pokemon mechanic, something which was unique to the e-series. When these cards were released in English, they became more commonly known amongst collectors as Crystal Pokemon due to their shared Poke-Body ability "Crystal Type." It's rather interesting trying to scan the Japanese versions of cards as they have a glossy coating over only certain part of the card with a special holo-set on it which simply makes the image appear somewhat grainier. It does look absolutely stunning in natural light, however.

• This set was released in Japan on the 24th of May 2002.
• This set introduced the Neutral Pokemon mechanic to the series.
• There were no corresponding decks released alongside this set.
• There was however a special storage file released which came with a sticker sheet, featuring a high resolution print of the pack artwork by Midori Harada. You can view a scan of the artwork here.
• This set was released as part of Aquapolis in English in combination with The Town on No Map (e2).

Last Updated: 26/03/11 Set Complete
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