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27 June 2012 @ 03:01 am
News: BW7 Plasma Gale Pack Art + October Decks  
Busy news day! First off, thanks to the keen eyes of the lovely heatrotomftw97 we've got the sellsheet for BW7 Plasma Gale, which has given us the pack artwork. As suspected with the announcement of the Lugia deck shield and deck cases, we've got ourselves Lugia as the focal Pokemon. It may be safe to assume that LugiaEX will be in the set. You can check it out below:

Additionally, Rakuten updated this afternoon with even more goods announced. Due for release on October 19th, we'll be getting two more Battle Strength Decks: Battle Strength Deck Black KyuremEX, and Battle Strength Deck White KyuremEX. Both sell for 1,680円 a piece and will have 60 cards. They're just like the large EX Battle Strength Decks released for Reshiram and Zerkom not too long ago.

A big thanks to denkimouse for being my ear on the ground with the Rakuten updates today.

We'll keep you in the loop as the news comes.

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