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19 September 2012 @ 12:00 am
News: Next Set Block! BW8 - Rasen Force & Raiden Knuckle!  
Hey there followers!

Long time no post. A brief apology for my absence, I'll be making a more thorough post detailing why I've been more or less absent since my trip abroad in July but I do extend my apologies for falling off the grid. However, that's news for another day.

On a much more exciting note, we've got the first news of the December card block, hot on the heels of BW7's release. BW8 is due for release on the 14th of December, and will feature two sets: Rasen Force which features Deoxys, and Raiden Knuckle which features Thundurus (Therian Forme). Each pack has the standard 5 cards, and will cost 158円 each. There will also be a matching deck case, and sleeves.

At present it's unknown how large each set will be, but given it's a dual block we're likely going back to smaller sets VS the much larger run we just saw with Plasma Gale. You can check out the booster artwork below! Because Deoxys and Thundurus are legendaries, it's likely more than safe to assume they will be seeing EX cards. Also of note, Rasen means Spiral, while Raiden means Thunder (and) Lightning. Due to the kana-ized set names we've decided to leave them as such.

(Click To Enlarge)

Additionally, there is also going to be a Campaign Pack released the same day as the set. Featuring two packs from each set, the Campaign Pack will also have an original Serperior promo card. The Campaign Pack will sell for 630円 and you can check it out below!

(Click To Enlarge)

A massive thank you to the lovely denkimouse for this news. As usual, we'll strive to keep you informed of the latest card news as it comes.

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