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The main goal of this community is to showcase my own personal pokemon card collection, offer an english resource to the Japanese TCG, and most of all, offer free-use scans for communities to use in wish lists, auctions, or to crop for user icons etc. That's right, personal collection. Every scan you see here, outside of news stories where I detail cards coming out and previews, is an article from my own personal collection. While I do hope to in time showcase everything I possibly can I do not own all cards out there, and while I appreciate peoples offers to donate scans it would defeat the purpose of me cataloguing my personal collection.

I hope over time to become a major resource for Japanese Pokemon card imagery. I also like to showcase news from the Japanese TCG that's not limited to just the main sets. I like to expand out to the little promos and all sorts of exciting news that sometimes are easily missed by bigger sites; it's my way of helping other collectors where I can.

The one thing I do not aim to provide here are constant translations on what the cards do in addition to the archive. In instances where I have the time or the patience to sit down and actually do it for new cards that are revealed, as this entire site is a solo operation, then I happily do translations. Otherwise sites like Bulbapedia have the most accurate translations of cards and attacks. I often work hand in hand with the head of TCG when new cards are released over there to provide translations as well. I highly recommend the TCG sections work with accuracy and consistency.

Commenting on posts here is not restricted to just members, it is open to all members of livejournal and anonymous users, so feel free to leave a comment! I can also be reached on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for questions and discussions!

Scans on Collectorviper containing works from, or derivative of, Pokémon (Pocket Monsters), remain the sole copyright of The Pokemon Company International, Creatures Inc, and Nintendo.
Scans are used for archival purposes only.

Who are you?
My real name is [REDACTED], but most know me as Cally,, or faiarrow.

I'm a 20-something year old who seeks catharsis via collecting, with a healthy adoration for the Sinnoh legendaries, every single bird Pokemon ever, and the glory that is Fairy Type. This is my face:


How long have you been collecting the Pokemon TCG?
I originally started in 1998 with a Starter Kit and a Zap deck from base set. I collected and had full sets of cards all the way up to Rocket when I just dropped off the collecting and playing wagon thanks to changes in school and interests, and gave all my old cards away. I only started collecting again around Christmas of 2007 when I changed jobs and had less stress and more time to myself. In that time I have not only collected back what I had originally, but I have quadrupled my collection. I also broke my vow to not collect the Japanese TCG, which became the sole focus of collecting for me with my english cards sold off once I'd accepted I just didn't like them anymore.

How do you go about collecting most of your cards?
The wonders of AmiAmi and Yahoo!Japan, with a bit of eBay splashed in between.

I purchase booster boxes of cards, rather than booster packs which have unfair odds when you're trying to complete a set. Japanese cards I have to purchase by the booster box anyway due to being unable to buy single packs here anyway. Booster boxes end up a lot cheaper, and you get a lot more rare cards for your dollars. Most boxes will allow you to pull the whole set, or around 95-97% of the full set. Then I work to infill the rest of the cards I miss via trading or private sales between friends who also got boxes, then reaching out further if I need to get a difficult card such as an Ultra Rare.

Yahoo!Japan tends to be a major trawling ground of mine, and I've completed a lot of sets and found a lot of gems on there that I've gotten over the years thanks to a wonderful middleman of mine, along with a few long-standing friends I've made from purchasing fillers and old decks on eBay getting the business if I can't find what I'm after on the JP market.

Why a community on LJ? Why not a website?
Given how I handle the content, it's much easier to run it through an LJ community. It's also a lot easier for me to manage code wise. A blessing given this is my project when I'm not working, which means I can dedicate what little free time I get to the site in giving it more content faster and more efficiently with higher quality.

Why news as well as scans?
Because it's one way for me to give back to the community. Most of the people who visit are collectors, some are players, but most traffic are collectors who both appreciate the both the value of the cards or sets, and the artwork and design. Posting news is one way of advertising to them what is coming up in the TCG. I pretty much exclusively post Japanese TCG news.

I very seldom post English TCG news, and usually only if it holds some kind of relevance to the Japanese TCG -- things like booster pack art spoiling a card that'd not yet been shown or mentioned as being in the set, for example.

These days the majority of new posts are done to the CV twitter first and foremost, with a site update if I have time/am actually on a computer when the news breaks.

Are you willing to trade for X/Y/Z and/or sell A/B/C?
I'm sorry, but the answer is no. These cards are from my personal collection and are not for sale or trade. For sales and trades I post to eBay, so keep an eye out there for sales of extras or spares.

I have a card you don't have!
That's awesome, good for you! I don't claim to have all the cards in existence (but man that would be nice); I do, however, purchase mint/near mint condition cards and trade for cards. If you have something I don't, and think I could be interested, send me an email to[at]

Do you have a wants/missing list?
It's very big, simply due to the volume of cards available out there. It's not finished, but you can see it here. It's got images to go with it, since some cards are.. hard to explain (in terms of missing promos.) It's been amazing having that want list up though because it's helped me count down how many cards I'm missing in sets along with promos.

What programs/hardware do you use for your scanning?
My current scanner is an Epson V700 Perfection professional scanner. Her name is Viluy, and she's a serious workhorse. Currently my goal is to rescan all old scans done with the HP (and older!) along with scanning in a heap of other things I haven't done yet. I scan directly into photoshop and use that to align, crop, and make web versions of the scans.

It's a long and arduous process, hampered by health issues first and foremost, but when I do get into a groove I do like to go to town when scanning.

I have some Japanese cards, but I don't know what set it's from...
Send me a clear photo or a scan and I can help you identify the card, and possibly show you other cards from the set! Due to my own collecting nature, I have a fairly extensive knowledge on the Japanese side of the TCG and can usually identify cards, and if I can't I have access to a wonderful circle of collector friends who might just know instead. Drop me a line in LJ Private Messages, or in email to[at]!



Without these people in my life, I'd be sure miserable. Fellow collectors, store operators, and Pokemon news aficionados whom delight in this hobby with me.
Allinia Luna
Autobot Tesla

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